​Maddow And Clinton Make Reference To Seth Rich During Panda Interview “What Happened?”

Whether you understand how these people work or not, you should be asking why in the world Maddow would throw an eight year old video of a Panda cub sneezing, into an interview with Hillary Clinton about her book “What Happened?” The laugh that was heard during this odd video from Hillary was reminiscent to the one she had in her “We came, We saw, He died” statement after the overthrow of Gaddafi in Libya. 

Most of us know that one of the major reasons Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 election was due to the leaked emails that Wikileaks ran during the campaign. I’m sure you remember the DNC and Clinton Campaign emails that were claimed to be hacked by Russia, yet steadfastly denied by Julian Assange. Remember the DNC refused the FBI and other government agencies access to their computers despite claiming the Russian narrative without proof. Reality points toward this being an inside job and that Seth Rich was the one who provided Wikileaks with the documents. 

Mr. Rich was a known Bernie Sanders supporter and it is believed he became upset with what he was seeing the DNC doing during the Democrat Primaries. Mr. Rich was a DNC staffer with IT experience and had access to the leaked materials. Assange has all but said “Seth Rich was our source.” 

Seth Rich’s death on July 10, 2016 remains unsolved and to this day the DC Metro Police have not released any information about their investigation or documentation concerning it. All we know for certain is they claim he died of gunshot wounds received during a botched robbery. End of story! At least that’s what law enforcement, his family and MSM claim. Any evidence is speculative as they won’t allow any outsiders to investigate or report on it. The magic words “Conspiracy Theory” are immediately placed on anything being said at all. 

I’m not making any claims or speculations. All that I am doing is providing some facts and outright oddities concerning the use of the Panda video in the middle of a supposed serious interview about the reasons HRC lost the 2016 Presidential Election. Of all of the characters involved in this question only one can be tied to Pandas. Understanding how these people work and how they mock us by showing the truth and laughing about it has me asking, “Why the old video of a Panda is placed into such a serious interview”? 

Seth Rich’s Panda connections: @panda4progress on twitter, posts of Pandas on Facebook and his families posing with a stuffed Panda and confirming his love of them during an interview. Kim dotcom also confirmed that Seth used Panda as an alternative internet name. 

What Happened? Delves into a blame game on everyone but Hillary for her losing the election. James Comey, Bernie Sanders, Russian hacking and collusion and of course the millions of white Americans that she claims must be sexist and racist. For those of us that already knew how corrupt and evil Hillary is, we’re not surprised when Wikileaks revealed just how corrupt and evil Hillary, MSM and establishment Democrats and Republicans really are. 

The one thing Hillary can’t say and yet now has is that the Panda (Seth Rich) is the one who showed the world the truth of the behind the scenes actions that our politicians do to manipulate and skew the truth. How we have been lied to repeatedly for decades. I hope you really take a look at how our once beautiful nation operates now. I wish I had the right words to wake everyone up from the nightmare we are all living. I seek the truth and it saddens me that so many refuse to even look or care. “That’s the way it is” still rules, sadly. You believe it doesn’t matter or that those of us that sacrifice our reputations are nothing more than crackpot conspiracy theorists. 
In case you don’t realize it, there are millions of us with different political beliefs and yet similar agenda’s. We know the hidden truths of those who wish to destroy us. Humanity, Christianity, family and true freedom are at stake. Your children’s and grand children’s lives are at stake and yet you claim your to busy to care. Its called freedom people, something humans have fought for since time began. Freedom to think, feel and achieve your highest dreams. 


Who I am

Wishing someone would understand what it is I’ve fought all my life. It was never to make my life easier or to become a very rich person as that never interested me. I grew up always sensing that something was not right in the world I saw. One of my first memories was President John Kennedy being shot and killed. Then listening to President Johnson talk on the radio about Vietnam while riding around with my Grandparents throughout the Ohio countryside. Hearing of the civil rights marches led by Dr. King, hearing of his ultimate assassination. Malcolm X and Bobby Kennedy too. Watching a war fought in Vietnam on TV every night or protests against it. 
Race riots and political speeches were always played out in front of me. The whole time I would sit and listen to the radio or watch the TV news even as a young child. I was a good kid or at least that is what I’ve been told. Very neat and clean as I’d have school clothes and play clothes I new the difference and would change my clothes without being told. I played with toys and would pick up after myself when done. My Grandpa bought me this tiny set of cowboys and Indians there were hundreds, I saw them in a store in New York City on one of our trips there in the late 60’s. Grandpa must have seen my eyes as I marveled at this bag of horses, cowboys and Indians. 
I was spending my weekends and most of my summers at my grandparents as both of my parents worked. I would get up in the mornings and set up great battles with these toys. The horses were black or brown and the cowboys and Indians were red, green and blue except for one Indian was yellow that became me in this fantasy play. Even when I went outside to play I took my Winchester pop gun and climbed up into the crabapple tree and would imagine fighting off the cowboys protecting my tribe. Always have wondered if this is where I got the wanting of long hair? Thank God for the 70’s as it became the style. Today my hair is almost past the middle of my back and every haircut bugs me until it grows back. 
As you may sense I was a loner in ways as I spent a lot of time that way and not necessarily by choice. My sister is 5 years older and most of my first cousins are now in there late sixties or seventies. I was the baby of the entire family and never had anyone my age to play with. So it was me and imagination.
When I started school the first day was a total embarrassment to me as I showed up without the magazine and other things that everyone else had. This may have created or contributed to my dislike day one of school. I spent a lot of time that year in the principles office doing my work and talking to the principle about how I didn’t understand why I had to take a nap. I didn’t need one and I wanted to learn about everything instead of drawing and wasting time sleeping. I don’t remember his name but he was a great guy. 
At home I played with the boy behind my house Tommy and his older brother who beat Tommy up all of the time. I hated watching this but sat and watched it happen. Their mom would yell and scream but it never stopped. On the weekends I’d be back at grandma and grandpas doing my thing. In those days it seemed as if we were always around family. My cousins in Michigan then New Jersey, or  throughout Ohio as we traveled a lot. Being so much younger I was of course left with my only true friend, my imagination. Maybe calling it that is wrong but I was always able to play quietly on my own never be coming bored.
There were some blank periods when I was young that I am honestly not sure of the timeline as it was kept from me as to what was going on. I have almost total recall of my younger days except one fact that has effected me more than just a side note. My sister became seriously ill at some point when I was about 3. She was hospitalized for almost a year in a vegetative state from some form of meningitis. I in ways remember her absence but can’t seem to pinpoint it exactly. 
We never played together and were never close and in fact to this day she refuses to even speak to me. I look back and try to figure this what was a life changing event for my family and me in particular as things were so messed up. She was older by 5 years yet treated so differently than me. I could do no right and she was the Queen Bee. When we became older I was not told I was wrong when we fought I was only told ” Don’t upset your sister”. I’ll never forget he hitting me in the back with a coffee mug. I picked it up and my Dad screamed “Alan no don’t you dare” she laughed and walked away. Dad saw her hit me in my upper back but that’s okay she could have hit me on the head that too would have been fine.
It wasn’t explained to me why I was never to defend myself or had to watch as everyone bent over backwards for her. I never saw her punished in my life and she was always given whatever she wanted. We both got the mumps and it was if she may die any minute (exaggeration) but the 6 year old (me) was told “stop whining your okay”. I always felt pushed aside as no matter what I did I never could get my parents attention. It was never explained to me why until I became older and even then I was told never to bring it up and ” that’s the way it is”. 
That’s the way it is was already something I’d heard whenever I’d question most things. To me this is just surrendering and hiding the truth. I used to piss off the authority figures in my life as in my parents or elders. They’d ask me what I was doing as a teenager and I’d tell them. At times it was things most would lie about and get into trouble. Why lie? Tell the truth, my parents would look at me and I could see the thoughts going on inside. They wanted me to lie so they had a reason to punish me. I wouldn’t. Believe me they stopped asking and would just punish cause they knew I’d fess up. As I tried to teach my own kids not to lie I found out that it didn’t work as they’d lie their butts off. 
I loved many things as a child and some still remain the same. Reading has always been a favorite as I prefer nonfiction, history, psychology, autobiographies, sociology. There was one book that was written in 1949 that for reasons u known to me until now, 1984 a fictional book about the future. Something told me in 1975 when I first read it that it was not fiction it was really the future. If you’d read this book you will see hopefully what I saw then as it was telling the plan that would be our future.
Baseball remains my favorite sport despite my inability to give it the time I once had. I first played in a league at 8, due to birthdays I was always a few months behind my peers in age. My Dad and Mom liked to watch the Tigers on TV I’d watch but during the 68 World Series I was a St Louis Cardinal fan. When the Tigers won my Mom never let me forget I rooted for the wrong team. I became a Tigers fan and remain one today. I played for a team called the Red Barons I threw right handed and batted left. My parents always stressed right hand dominance. One game I was playing first base and the ball was thrown over my head, I ran after the ball shedding my glove and threw the ball back into the field. My coaches Mr. McDonald and Johnson stopped the game. They told me to throw again left handed. I did and it was then I became a left handed ball player. 
I’m considered ambidextrous as I can use either hand or have dominance with one or the other depending on what I’m doing. Right/Left brain function. Both sides working equally. Screwing me up on many motor skills and psychological. I have above average physical ability and above average understanding of emotional and logical thought. At 15 when my parents were forced to hire a lawyer attempting to get me back in school we were told my IQ. Probably a mistake on their part but as I’ve realized it was because  of it they didn’t understand why I didn’t like school. 
It wasn’t that I didn’t like school as I love to learn. My objection was and is the Bullshit politics involved. The attempt to fill our heads with lies and untruths to create what we see today. People that accept that phrase ” that’s the way it is .” the same went for organized sports and life in general. Even families play this game. God knows the hours I sat in front of Principals, Deans and trying g like hell to stop the BS. Just as we all have heard in the 2016 presidential election, even as children you were only allowed to vote for those that the powers that be chose. Trump did upset this but I must explain my experience as what I was told and saw. 
I broke a national record record that may still stand in Junior High. 40 yard shuttle run. After I’d done it and the gym teacher went into his office and called someone. I watched him looking at the stopwatch and saying things I couldn’t hear through the glass. I could tell he was arguing with whoever. He finally came out and said he was mistaken it was only a school record. Bullshit! I experienced  the same p!aying 3B baseball. As I was told I was the most valuable player the night before the awards by the coach. The net day as they announced my teams MVP I began to walk up as they announced another name. I waved and walked back down the steps. I was told later it was because I was given other awards during all-star tournaments. I was a kid for God sake. 
This never ended as when I played basketball, the end of the year ceremony the captain of the team was to get up and say a few words. At the beginning of the season everyone voted and picked our captain. I’m not naming names on purpose. So when it was announced that the captain was to speak I look at who I was told was the captain wondering why he didn’t get up to speak. I looked around and noticed everyone looking at me. Throwing my hands open saying what? I was told by my teammates that they all had voted for me as captain. I was experiencing corruption and fraud. 
This is just a tidbit and if I’d have the time a book that is nonfiction. I have been told many times to write about myself and my experiences that have made me who I am. If you are interested hit like and I will expand on this truthful journey. 

James Comey Hearing Exposes How Corrupt The Establishment Really Is

We wanted the swamp drained, however most never realized how deep it really is. This latest round of testimony by former FBI director James Comey proves it is worse than many could possibly realize. The Washington Establishment are nothing less than corrupt, backstabbing, liars who only worry about themselves and could care less about the republic its institutions or the people. James Comey is nothing but a criminal who abused his power and the entire FBI to further his own and others like him agendas in the destruction of the visions of our founding fathers. The Constitution that was written in order to limit the size and control of the Federal government has been ignored repeatedly as it is no longer considered viable to those who are sworn to uphold it. 
Comey showed how those in Washington DC play their games and willingly without hesitation break the law without worry of retribution or criminal indictment. They tie the system up with fraud and lies that only distract us from their criminal behaviors. How much longer are we going to sit quietly and say and do nothing about these evil people that believe they are above the law? The last time Comey testified he said nobody had ever attempted to interfere in any FBI investigation. It would have been “a big deal” he stated. Then suddenly now a little over a month later he claims that President Trump attempted to in the Michael Flynn case and then mentioned former AG Loretta Lynch’s statements on calling off the Hillary Clinton email case. 
With President Trump he did three things that should get him indicted. One, he turned over FBI documents to a third party to be leaked to the press. Two, he wrote these so-called memos on his personal computer. Three, he perjured himself repeatedly. And as with all who remain loyal to the criminal establishment Comey kept up the fraudulent claim that Russia interfered in the 2016 election and hacked the DNC and DCCC. The establishment line continues to be pushed despite zero evidence being produced. All diversions to the real crimes of the political assassination of Seth Rich and the high paid Pakistani congressional IT staffers known as the “Awan Brothers.”
Comey admitted that his reason in leaking his memo’s on his private conversations with President Trump was to force the Trump administration to hire a Special Counsel to investigate Russian interference (hoax). And as they do in Washington they hired former FBI director Robert Mueller who has a sparkling reputation. The establishment gives this man who covered up 9/11 nothing but praise. He’s one of them and can’t be trusted.
Never mind Hillary for prison, Benghazi, Private Server, Pay to Play, Clinton foundation fraud etc.. Never mind Obama and his treasonous actions along with being a war criminal by supporting the overthrow of several foreign governments. Never mind George W Bush creating the infrastructure for a police state through the Patriot Act along with covering up 9/11 and overthrowing foreign governments. Never mind Bill Clinton and his history of sexual assault and a multitude of scandals that began in Arkansas that continue to today. Never mind George HW Bush and his long history of overt and covert actions of creating a New World Oder. Let’s keep making the false claims that Russia interfered with the 2016 elections that even Comey admits didn’t change one vote. 
Comey like many who sit in Washington’s swamp of corruption and lies will walk away free to make millions as they all do. He is representative of the Establishment, Deep State, Globalist, New World Order that has one goal and that is to destroy the Republic of the United States of America. 

If Kim Dotcom Proves Seth Rich Was WikiLeaks Source Russian Hacking/Collusion Story Must End

Some very high level Democrats are terrified that the truth is about to be told. Kim Dotcom the German born Entrepreneur who now lives in New Zealand, has let it be known that he can confirm that Seth Rich was in fact the Wikileaks DNC emails source. This destroys the entire “Russia did it” narrative that MSM and Democrats have been claiming. The Seth Rich story may also finally become front page news and no longer buried. Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has been in a self created situation since the murder of Rich. Assange had vowed to never give up his sources whether alive or dead. 
Assange was forced to walk a tightrope of hinting that it was in fact Seth Rich who provided the corruption exposing emails. Offering a $20,000 reward in the murder case, using Rich’s death as an example as to the danger his sources face. Assange even retweeted the recent Fox News 5 story that involved investigator Rod Wheeler saying that Seth Rich was the source and that the evidence was on his laptop. 
Now that Kim Dotcom has entered the storyline more has come to light. Rich had a Reddit account that has been shown to have recent activity, someone has been editing his account. An anonymous source claiming to be one of Rich’s surgeons the morning he was shot has said that the gunshot wounds were not life threatening. This anonymous source has also said that they were witness to federal investigators entering Rich’s ICU room and that Rich died shortly afterward. This source seemed legitimate as they described the procedures in medical terms. However as with all anonymous sources you can’t be certain if it is the truth.
MSM has used anonymous sources to build it’s narrative of the Russian/Trump collusion claims and the Russian/Wikileaks source claims for almost a year now. If Kim Dotcom proves his claims then this entire MSM and Democrat narrative will blow up in their faces. It won’t solve the Seth Rich murder investigation but it should create a demand for answers. Hopefully both of these stories can come to light and we can end the guessing game. If this Doctor comes forward it could also expose the level of corruption surrounding Rich’s death. Putting to end the botched robbery claim and pointing to a political assassination instead. 
Washington DC is full of anonymous sources as the truth can get you killed. The power these people in government wield is enormous even at lower levels. The American people have had the wool pulled over their eyes long enough. We deserve answers, we must demand them if we will ever really get our government back.

Seth Rich Murder Wikileaks Why No Answers Russian Hacking Hoax A Distraction Of The Real Crimes

What began as Democrats blaming the Russians for hacking their National Committee computers and giving Wikileaks the evidence of massive corruption. Has now unequivocally been proven a lie. The Rich family Private Investigator has come forward with the evidence that it was an inside job by Seth. And that both the DC police and FBI have known all along that it wasn’t the Russians and they both allowed MSM, the Clinton campaign and DNC to falsely point to Russia. Even spinning this to somehow prove collusion with the Trump campaign. 
Why doesn’t any of the Democrats care that by doing so they have hindered the murder investigation of one of their own? Why is the Rich family, through their spokesman Brad Bauman claiming this recent development is a conspiracy theory perpetrated by Rod Wheeler their own Private Investigator? Who are these two men that are both working for the Rich family yet paid by third parties have such differing statements. One interesting fact to begin with is that the Rich family didn’t have the finances to hire a spokesperson let alone a private investigator. Especially two high profile ones like Wheeler and Bauman. 
Let’s start with Brad Bauman the family spokesman. He is what is referred to as a spin doctor, he is a professional Democratic Crisis Public Relations consultant for the Pastorum Group. This Group cofounded by Bauman claims to be experts in political strategies and the election process. Any one for screaming Red Flags on why the family of a murder victim would hire a political crisis management company? Especially one with such close ties to the Democratic party? Who is paying the massive fees for these services? 
With Rod Wheeler the PI you have a former Metropolitan Police Department (Washington DC) homicide detective and Fox News contributor. Wheeler first told Fox News 5 that he had two sources, one a DC detective the other a federal investigator. He did recant the later saying that his investigation leads him to speculate that evidence on Rich’s laptop would connect Rich to Wikileaks. Of course this is his conjecture not definitive. As with all news out of Washington when you have unnamed sources there needs to be caution. I as others may have jumped the gun, however this murder and its timing has got to make you wonder. 
Julian Assange the Wikileaks founder who nobody can deny has only released 100% accurate material on his website, has said that he will not give up his sources names whether alive or dead. Assange has stated that the source of the DNC emails was NOT a state actor. There is no Russian connection. When asked about Seth Rich Assange says that Wikileaks does not divulge sources and that Rich’s death is the reason. He then offered a $20,000 reward for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of Rich’s killer(s). He also retweeted the original Fox News 5 story on his Twitter page. Connect the dots and you have only one conclusion. 
Seth Rich was in contact with Gavin MacFadyen the investigative journalist/ Wikileaks London based director at the time. By Assange’s statements and retweeting the Wheeler/Fox News 5 story he can only be saying one thing. Seth Rich was a source of DNC emails that revealed massive corruption and crimes. He did have contact with MacFadyen and the evidence would be on Rich’s laptop or other device. And since we know for a fact that the NSA collects all emails, texts and phone conversations in the US and most of the world. Someone could have accessed everyone who worked for the DNC’s communications. 
The last few hours of Rich’s life are accounted for and confirmed until 1:45 am that fateful morning. The Daily Mail UK had done the story of the timeline that morning that despite almost a year past is still all that we know. What we know; those who knew him fairly well said that Rich and his girlfriend were having problems, he frequented a local bar and those who worked there told the Mail that Rich was depressed and highly intoxicated the night he died. He was offered a ride home by an employee but declined. Rich said he was heading to another bar and left on foot at 1:45am. The staff at the bar Rich said he was headed to say they do not remember seeing him that night. He was not a regular and when shown a photo they didn’t remember him. This bar was one mile from Seth’s home. A 30 minute walk. This bar closed that morning at 2:30am yet there is no evidence he ever went there that night according to the Daily Mail timeline. 
The DC police responded to shots fired at 4:19am and found Rich with bruising on his knees, arms, and face with two gunshot wounds to the back. Depending on if Rich stopped at the 2nd bar or not there is a time gap of an hour and a half to 2 hours that remain unaccounted for. Original reports state that Rich was on his cell phone with his girlfriend when she over heard Rich acknowledge someone, he then told her he would call her later. This leads to speculation that Rich knew the parson or persons that approached him on the street in the wee hours of the morning. There is also reports that Rich was conscious when he was first seen by police. Rich was pronounced dead at the hospital at 5:25am. 
Other things that are known is that there are many security cameras that could provide crucial evidence that seem to not have been reviewed. There is also a technology called ShotSpotter that alerts the DC police to gunshots being fired. These sensors can identify type of gun and even distance from sensor. Yet none of this evidence has been made public which is highly suspect in such a high profile case. What is being hidden? What are on those surveillance cameras? What type of gun was used? What did Rich tell his girlfriend or the responding officers? And most importantly where was Rich during that gap in time between his confirmed whereabouts? 
Seth Rich is described as a highly patriotic young man who was a supporter of Bernie Sanders. He believed in the democratic process and was a firm believer that all votes must count. He went to Washington to help make sure that the country he loved would excel in every sense. He may not of understood that politics is a game that is much more corrupt than he ever expected. There is a very dark side to politics that most are unaware of. Backroom deals, favors, payoffs and sadly blackmail are the normal. His lack of understanding the true nature of American politics may have been his downfall. 
When you begin to connect the dots of the Rich murder and the DNC hacking there is a very high degree of circumstantial evidence that Seth Rich was the Wikileaks source and not the Russian narrative being pushed to nauseam by MSM and Establishment politicians. The fact is that the statements and actions by Julian Assange on the Seth Rich murder and that he emphatically denies a Russian government source leads in one direction. Seth Rich was the source and he most likely died because of it. 
There has been zero evidence put forward, circumstantial or otherwise that Russia was involved. Yet, MSM and the Democrats plus some establishment Republicans continue to make statements as if there is even a a tiny piece of evidence. All are guilty of misleading the American public and causing unnecessary discussions and investigations into the Russia did it hoax. What congress and the Justice Department along with the FBI need to be investigating is the corruption revealed in the DNC materials. There is the real crime that nobody talks about or seems to care about. The DC police need to be investigated as to why they have failed to be more forthcoming with the Seth Rich botched robbery story. His position as a DNC staffer with access to the very emails that were hacked and who was murdered just days before their release by Wikileaks demands answers. 

Obstruction Of Justice Former FBI Director James Comey Guilty?

That got your attention I bet. Through a private investigator Rod Wheeler and Wikileaks founder Julian Assange plus two unidentified sources. Seth Rich the DNC IT staffer who showed signs of a physical assault before being shot twice in the back that resulted in his death. Was the Wikileaks source of Democratic National Committee emails that the DNC and Hillary Clinton claimed was Russia. Rod Wheeler and Fox news have confirmed that over 43,000 emails were in fact sent from Seth Rich’s laptop to Gavin MacFadyen an American investigate journalist who headed the London offices of Wikileaks. The FBI source says that the FBI has the laptop. 
So why should Comey be charged with obstruction? James Comey was the director of the FBI, he held evidence that connected Rich as the DNC leaker. Comey ordered this evidence to be hidden and allowed a false story to continue about Russia hacking and Trump campaign collusion. Comey also has hindered the Seth Rich murder investigation and opened up an FBI investigation on members of the Trump campaign with full knowledge that there was no Russian involvement. He has allowed MSM and members of congress to deceive the American public. He has allowed 100’s of thousands of dollars to be waisted by the FBI, congress and other government agencies in the process. 
James Comey is nothing more than a Clinton Deep State stooge. He is a Fixer as they are known in the criminal world. The one called in to fix the crime scene by the criminal, to wipe any fingerprints or evidence away. The young 27 year old Seth Rich deserves to have the truth come out. He did what he felt was right at the time. He blew the whistle on major corruption in the DNC and paid the ultimate price. You can bet that Comey knows all the details and has withheld this evidence of what in truth was a political assassination. 
It wasn’t the Russians after all and Comey allowed all of the lies and fake news to progress in an attempt to overthrow the lawfully elected President of the United States. If you can’t see who these people are I feel sorry for you. The fact is I fear for my country as evil sits in some of the highest posts in the land. We are at war not only with a terrorist organization created by members of our own government (ISIS). We are at war with many within our government who could care less about human life. What will become of us? 

Deep State Going All In As Russian Fake News By MSM Imploding

Yesterdays claim in the Washington Post were shut down quickly by Secretary of State Tillerson  and McMaster NSA as they emphatically deny that the President gave Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov Classified Intel. Both men were in attendance at the meeting that WaPo claimed their sources said that this supposed National Security breach happened. The fact that WaPo printed the details of what was said is being considered the real breach of National Security about the Russian/US war against ISIS. Both countries have been sharing Intel about ISIS for a couple years, and what was discussed was not out of the ordinary. This WaPo story is Fake News. 
This is just another in a long list of stories that the MSM has been printing or airing that have been found to be untrue. The Deep State continues to use MSM as their propaganda tool in trying to bring down President Trump. The President remains in the cross hair of the Globalist’s who have controlled Washington DC for decades. And the narrative that there was Russian/Trump collusion continues to fall as there has never been evidence to support this claim. The fact that the FBI is wasting manpower and resources on an imaginary link should disturb the American taxpayer. The real crimes and truth remain unsolved or even investigated. 
A breaking story overnight is drawing attention as the family of murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich have had a private investigator looking into his murder. The DC Police had claimed this was a simple robbery gone bad. The FBI didn’t investigate as they accepted the DC Police’s findings. The PI Ron Wheeler a former DC homicide detective has told Fox News that there is evidence on Rich’s laptop that he WAS in contact with Wikileaks prior to his murder. Wheeler also states that his sources inside the DC Police and FBI have told him that they were told to stand down. The botched robbery claim would be the story upheld. 
This of course destroys the Fake News narrative that Russia hacked the DNC and then gave the information to Wikileaks who published it just days before Rich’s murder last year. This contact by Rich was through Gavin MacFadyen an investigative reporter and documentary film maker who died last October in London, UK. MacFadyen was a mentor of Julian Assange the Wikileaks founder. Assange has claimed all along that the Russians were not his source of the DNC materials. However the DNC and Hillary Clinton campaign said it was Russia. Today Assange tweeted the Fox story on these new revelations about the Rich murder. Again another Russian story promoted by MSM and Deep State controlled politicians is found to be Fake News. Whoever President Trump picks as the new FBI director is sure to open up this investigation. 
A new rumor is being circulated in Washington that claims that President Trump suffers from Alzheimer’s. This is another attempt to discredit the President and an attempt to remove him from office. The truth of course is that he doesn’t have this disease, however if half of his Cabinet and Vice President Pence declare it to be true, under the 25th amendment of the Constitution he can be removed. If the President fights this move it then goes to Congress to decide. The Deep State and their Globalist masters are willing to do anything to stop the Trump agenda. If a new FBI director will open up all of the cases involving the crimes of those controlled by the Globalist’s, some of the biggest names in Washington past and present face charges that include; Treason, Espionage, Murder, Kidnapping, Theft and many more. 
The Deep States narratives and crimes are becoming known. This makes them even more dangerous than before. It’s time that the American people all wake up and see just who has been telling the truth to them and who has been lying. President Trump is not your enemy, it is those who have misled you for years. I enjoy being called crazy or a conspiracy theorist as the things I have written in the end are true. You who call me those things are just allowing yourselves to be controlled. There was no Russian collusion, the Seth Rich murder was a political assassination, the Globalist’s are in the process of enslaving your bodies and minds. The Federal Reserve is stealing from you, not in the middle of the night but in broad daylight as you hand them your money without questioning why. Wake up!!