The United States Military is Overextended and Unprepared

    The once mighty U.S. military has become a memory after years of endless war and total mismanagement. The wheels are falling off literally. From bullets to ships the numbers are dropping to dangerous levels. If WWIII were to begin today we do not have the ability to win.
    With years of budgetary mismanagement at the Pentagon a crises is at hand. Back in 2001 then Secretary of Defence Donald Rumslfeld stated at a press conference “We have over $2 trillion dollars unaccounted for”. And thanks to a well placed missile, bomb or plane (we still don’t know which) on 9-11-2001 those $2 trillion are lost forever. You can bet that in the last 15 years this number has grown. The amount admitted at that time would cover the defence budget for two years plus today.
    An example of this mismanagement is the F-35 Lightning II program. A joint strike fighter that will cost between 85 to 100 million per plane. With many production delays and excessive cost overruns this will become the most expensive program in military history. Cost to date $1 trillion and not one F35 is in service. An order for 63 has been placed in the 2017 budget with a delivery date of 2018.
    The futuristic F35 has become a Pentagon budget buster. This exposes the problems within the acquisition department and its inability to control costs and complete tasks. The pilots that have test flown the F35 have reported many negative issues. Simply put they say “It can’t turn, accelerate, or fight”.
    The aircraft we have today including the F-15E and F18E/F have proven track records and are superior weapon delivery systems to any adversary in theatre today. However a disturbing development has arisen. The maintenance crews responsible for keeping these weapons in the air have begun to use the term “Cannibalize”. They are being forced to remove parts from other equipment in order to keep another in service.
    This has been a practise done for years to maintain our fleet of the Air Force’s senior citizen B52’s. Overtime the numbers of available planes dwindle as parts become more rare. All branches of service are doing the same with their weapon systems.
    We are also seeing a decline in available manpower as the all volunteer military is showing its inability to recruit. Despite a lack of options the youth today are becoming less interested in the military experience.
    The reasons for this can be debated however the blame has to start at the top as years of a disastrous foreign policy has created an environment that is not conducive to military service. With repeated deployments and widespread knowledge that once service is completed these veterans return home to uncertain futures. Stories abound as to the lack of empathy by the Veterans Administration. Those requiring medical care find it to be a maze of bureaucratic hurdles that often lead to nowhere.  The realization that your not fighting for your country as the objectives appear unclear. The negatives of service outweighs the positives.
    Beginning in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s civilian military planners began believing that a downsized high tech force could replace the once traditional need for footsoldiers. A few well placed drone strikes or small teams of elite soldiers from the Navy Seals or the Rangers from the Army doing precision attacks could do the job. The theory that just by chopping off the head of the snake would eliminate the present and future threats. This has proven to be a massive miscalculation.
    As every great general or military strategist knows, the only way to win a war is to develop a plan that contains an attainable objective. And have the manpower and weapons to annihilate the enemy if needed. This is war not tag.
    Since 9-11 our failed wars in Iraq and Afghanistan coupled with a foreign policy that seems aimless. Plus a Pentagon that has shown little ability to manage their budget properly. Have all combined to weaken our Military’s capability to really defend us if needed.
    Our elected officials in Washington D.C. have failed us at every turn. These politicians being more willing to be bought off by both foreign and domestic interests. The militarization of agencies within US territory has a higher priority as it seems they see a threat from within more important than one from abroad.
    We are in dangerous times as we are told al-Qeada and ISIS are our enemies yet we learn that those in the State Department and CIA have armed and funded them. Our Allies Saudi Arabia and Turkey have also done this blurring the lines of who is friend or foe.
    We now see the result a massive refugee problem destabilizing Europe, Open borders at home that will create the same here in the United States. And at the same time the only force capable to stop it the United States military has become overextended and is woefully unprepared.


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