Puppets of Globalist One World Government Terrorize Trump Rally Again

Trump supporters terrorized after the Rally in San Jose California on June 2nd. As the pattern of Mexican and Communist flag waving thugs attack law abiding citizens, police and property continues at Trump Rally’s in California as they have in other cities nationally. Democrat politicians put blame on Republican nominee Donald Trump. These politicians like San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo, Hillary Clinton and others are showing support for anti American rioters.
Trump supporters were forced to run in fear to their cars as they were physically attacked. Their cars and clothes destroyed or damaged. Several were bloodied after being physically assaulted. The San Jose police were outmatched and were unable to protect people and property.
The rights of all Americans are being neglected and abused as these anti constitutionalist politicians show their disdain for the citizens of the United States. Liccardo blames Trump for the violence that this weak mayor did nothing to thwart. As he and others throughout California allow people to use terrorist actions against anyone they disagree with politically.
It should be apparent to anyone that those who are at fault for this violence are not the supporters of Trump or Donald Trump himself. You don’t see these actions of terror used against attendees of Hillary Clinton’s events by American flag waving crazed imbeciles.
Anyone who has a different opinion than those who seem to relish a complete breakdown of society and an almost insane view of reality are being allowed to stomp on the rights of anyone they wish. This trend is very dangerous as it is similar to a pot of boiling water on the stove. The water is heading to a rapid boil state and will begin to over flow throughout the country.
The Democrats and Republicans who support the Globalist One World Government have amped up the heat and are now showing their willingness to force the destruction of the Republic of the United States. You either follow their crazed ideas or keep your mouth shut and and allow them to take your rights away.
Veterans, Christians and those who believe in our constitution and bill of rights are being targeted. We watch as the federal government runs rough shod over anyone they wish. Main stream media is at full propaganda level as lies are repeated over and over. Some how stomping on an American flag or burning it is to be celebrated. Waving a Mexican or Communist flag is to be admired. Supporting illegal migrants bringing crime and disease unchecked at the borders is to be ignored.
As with Europe we now see turmoil in our streets as brutality and complete disorder is accepted. Never in the history of the world have we seen so many demand to have basic liberties abolished. It is as if they should be shouting “down with freedom”, or exactly what they are playing into “control us we are slaves”.
European governments led by Merkle of Germany, Hollande’s of France and Cameron of the UK are obvious puppets to the nameless leaders of the Globalists One World Government. Obama, Clinton, the Bush family and others all the way down to mayors like Liccardo of San Jose are revealing themselves as the american puppets. Pope Francis has revealed his true nature with shockingly utter silence from others in the Catholic Church.
Satanic rituals are preformed at events such as the Superbowl and awards shows. The music industry promotes violence and devil worshiping. A total breakdown has begun and too many Americans are asleep. Our founding fathers warned us, our fathers fought and many died or were disabled to prevent this, those who immigrated legally came here to escape this, Our churches, synagogues and mosques taught against this and yet sadly the waters have boiled over.
“All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them.”
Galileo Galilei


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