Are You Seriously Not Seeing What’s Going On?

I’ve spent most of my life watching in amazement as everyone would just follow the flock. Never questioning the why, just doing so because, well “everyone else is.” That was never my way as I’ve always gone off to explore what was in the other direction. If I am told “you are supposed to go that way” that confirms to me that there must be a reason I am being told “supposed to.”
So without hesitation I head off in the opposite direction to discover what I’m told not to. Even when young I would slowly fall to the back hoping to be unnoticed as I would slip quietly away. Watching everyone else move together along the path they were told to follow. I needed to seek the answers alone and learn about things on my own. Seeing, touching and experiencing everything not just those certain things I was told I could. I believed it was a waste of time to go into the forest to look at just one tree or animal. There was an entire forest to explore and in order to understand it I had to study it in its entirety.
This has been the way I have been since I was very young. School and I never seemed a good fit. It always felt as though what I was being taught was lacking in substance. The why is never revealed as “because that’s the way it is” never answers the questions.
And as I’ve grown older it has become very clear that a lot of what I was taught to believe as fact couldn’t be further from the truth. And of course now it is as though I’ve experienced a total awaking about life and reality.
Basically the whole moving children around in a group is done to implant the idea that you must always follow along together. Never question why and never go beyond the set path. Stand when told, sit when told as we are taught early on to be followers. Believe what you are told and do as your told. Follow along and you will be rewarded otherwise you are doomed to failure. Thrown onto the island for unfit toys as you were warned with Rudolph the red nosed reindeer as a child.
After years of having our natural human instincts altered we become easily controlled and influenced. Our wanting to learn and explore has been removed and we just accept the ” that’s the way it is” belief.
I truly believe that everyone should read the book 1984 and if you don’t see how it fits in today’s world I have no clue. It really is as if writer George Orwell had seen into the future. A part of the book that truly is seen today is:
“A hideous ecstasy of fear and vindictiveness, a desire to kill, to torture, to smash faces in with a sledgehammer, seemed to flow through the whole group of people like an electric current, turning one even against one’s will into a grimacing, screaming lunatic.” Part 1, Chapter 1, pg. 16. This is reflected in the actions of protesters at political events and the many Social Justice Warriors on college campuses.
A total breakdown of society and reality is upon us and it has been done over a couple generations as these almost zombie like people spew hate but claim they are against hate. They act out violently yet claim its to stop violence. Everything is upside down as the truth is considered lies and lies are the truth.
I watch in shock as so many good honest hardworking people seem so unaware of what is really happening. When you attempt to tell them the truth its as though you have just told a three year old that Santa isn’t real. As a child would say “you’re lying mommy says he’s real” end of subject. Only to many adults its the government says so and backed up by the news media.
Its the flock mentality to believe the lies and deceptions “because that’s the way it is.”
After centuries of being told what to do the entire human race has reached a pinnacle. Hard choices are ahead and its up to everyone to make the right ones. I have seen the entire forest, I followed my instincts, I refused to just follow along. The American dream is in danger of ending very soon. The world as we once knew it will change unless a majority of us become aware of the reality that will soon hit like a ton of bricks.
Western civilization is being destroyed and many of those you voted into political office are leading you into a hell unseen before. Standing by and doing nothing will not stop it. Your futures and the futures of your children and grandchildren depend on you making the correct choices. You must become aware of the truth and stop just following along.
You were told not to venture off that path as children to keep you from seeing the truth. Look behind the curtain its not some simple acting little old man you believe as in the Wizard of Oz. This is reality not fantasy done with lies and deception.
Take a good hard look at what is really going on in the world. Look at the entire forest and stop being misled. Are you aware of what’s happening? Check out Venezuela a nation with the largest oil reserves in the world. Yemen, the South China Sea, Libya, Iraq, Syria, Ukraine, all of Europe. Are you aware that the European Union is run by 28 non elected people? The same is planned here.
Get informed research the truth about Chemtrails its real. Weather manipulation, GMO foods, Global Warming is a lie, learn about Agenda 21, Vaccines have caused disorders and diseases and even kill, unemployment and underemployment is about 60%, 911 was done by your government and others, JFK, Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King were all assassinated by those in or connected to your government. The list of the lies you’ve been told is pages long. You need to get informed and stop waiting to be told.
Hillary Clinton has committed many crimes including treason and fraud to even worse. Bill Clinton has raped women and also other even more serious crimes. Both Clinton’s are full fledged Globalists. Bernie Sanders is a life long communist. Donald Trump is not racist, sexist or any other ist as the Globalist or their puppet media claims. Globalist throughout the world hate him because he is going to take America back from them and restore our republic.
This is your last chance to wake up. Don’t wait for the truth, go and find it. Reality is that it never was “because that’s the way it is” that was a lie too.


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