The Elite are Coming After Trump Again

Get ready for an all out attack by the Washington Post and others in the media against Donald Trump. The Elite are loosing ground with each passing day with their game plans against the Trump Movement. The protest led by paid agitators have failed to date. Some have been identified as being at protest in both New York and California with the violence being ramped up.
There will be new media hit pieces circulated that are completely false that could range from sex scandals to Mafia connections that are all fabricated and to distract you from the truth. The Elite and the Clinton machine are in a major panic as Trump is unlike any opponent ever to take them on. He is not a member of their secret societies and crime cabals that seek to destroy our futures.
Trump returns fire with a knowledge of just who they really are and what they are all about as he has spent years being recruited to join them. He has seen the inner workings of this corrupt system and listened to the plans that they have for us all. He wouldn’t join them in the end and made the decision to take them on and stop the complete destruction of America.
If you have ever listened to him speak you would know that he calls out main stream media for who they really are. Propagandist who peddle lies and deceive you time and again. He called out Jeb Bush during the primary debates and destroyed him as a presidential hopeful. He is counter punching with the Clinton’s and is hitting hard as he exposes the truth of who they really are.
Trump called for the release of the 28 pages on 9/11 as he knows the truth and wants it exposed. You need to know just how badly you were and are being deceived. He finished off Ted Cruz during the Indiana primary by exposing Cruz’s father as CIA. Who worked with Oswald in New Orleans. He never said Cruz’s father or Oswald killed JFK as he worded his statement as: “Teds father was involved with Oswald before he was killed.” Meaning Oswald.
This is a man who is loyal to America and knows that our system, constitution and all is being destroyed. He is as he says ” I’m just the messenger.” This presidential run is about us not him. He truly cares about what happens to this country.
Obama recently totally lost his cool and calm abilities to speak when he was trying to attack Trump. He began to stutter and lost his train of thought as he seemed to have no truths to tell against him.Trump is the most feared man by political leaders throughout the world. They know he knows all the little secrets of their lies. And if you have ever heard his long time friends talk about him they all say the same things. He is very intelligent and will fight anyone as one thing is guaranteed they will lose if they think they can out maneuver him.
The media calls him a loose cannon yet those shots have a reason as they are made to take the upper hand. And as we have witnessed they always hit their mark. Its about time we Americans have a president that says things that he means and will not be pushed around by anyone. The let’s get this done attitude is what we need at this time of uncertainty. Being politically correct serves no purpose for any one and is just done to cover up lies.
One thing is for sure we don’t have to worry about any open mics that will expose Donald Trumps true feelings. He will tell you exactly what he thinks and he won’t sugar coat things to deceive you. He is brutally honest and its about time that we had any elected official like this.
So be aware the liars and deceivers are going to go all out against Trump using the only things they know. That being lies and deceptions. These Elitist and many in our political system are going to come at Trump full throttle and don’t be surprised or fooled by them. It is time to end the reign of terror now. Become informed about the truth stop allowing  yourself to believe the Elite’s lies as they’ve deceived us all long enough.


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