Globalist One World Government is NOT a Conspiracy Theory

The worlds elite who are taking us into their vision of a Globalist One World Government have in fact been planning this for centuries. We first saw it as empires that have arisen then failed as all of the horses were not in the same corral. The elite themselves were not yet united as they have become today.

Today’s elite come from some of the same families as they have for centuries. The British and Dutch Royals lead this group of past and present European royal families that have long since become related by marriage over centuries. We have bankers in the name of Rothschild that have control of the worlds money. Along with major land owners, family run international business conglomerates and others that have been accepted over time into this very exclusive elite class.

The next tier in this class are members of the Bilderbergers who include the top tier then it spans out to other organizations such as the Trilateral Commission,  Council of Foreign Relations, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, United Nations, North Atlantic Treaty Organization, along with many others. Remember a thousand points of light?

With all of these members in agreement as to the substance and ideals of a Globalist One World Government that send orders down to the governments that the people have been led to believe were chosen freely. The plans are introduced to the populace as law that are to best suit their needs but in fact are designed to enslave them.

This whole process was begun in earnest over two centuries ago by the old world European Elite who still have the major influence today. They have suffered setbacks such as The American Revolution as the founding fathers created a system that was to combat this very idea of One World government. Washington, Jefferson and others were well aware of the plans those in Europe had and so we were given a constitution that limited the power of the federal government.

As time progressed and the United States grew in size along with the original vision of the founding fathers passing as they were replaced by another generation. We began to move away from the their ideas and began to distort the systems true meaning. The American Civil War became the turning point that led us back into the influence of the European Elite. As many wrongfully believe the civil war was not begun due to the slavery issue alone. It was over states rights and a limit to the power of the federal government.

After the war was won and the southern states rejoined the union the U.S. was bankrupt and was forced to seek assistance from the very people that our founding fathers had feared. It was at this time the changes began and the European Elite gained influence that has grown into what we see today. It would take an industrial revolution and two world wars  before all the pieces were to be put into place.

After WWI there was an attempt to begin with the creation of the League of Nations however this failed miserably. After a world wide great depression and WWII the United Nations was formed. This Globalist institution succeeded and over the past 50 years has developed the plans and instructions to run The Globalist One World Government. These plans include educational, healthcare to environmental guidelines for all nations to follow under the globalist system.

There was one last step that was needed to achieve an agreement for all of the world to accept. The world needed a common enemy to get behind and defeat so that the these plans could be instituted under the false banner of saving the world. It was found with the creation of Global Warming (Climate Change). Despite being a natural process the idea could be sold to the people of the world. Using fear as its reason that everyone must comply or society will crumble under the pressures put upon the earth to support the ever growing population. The U.N. came up with Agenda 21 and its guidelines for sustainable development world wide.

Sustainable Development(SD) requires the payment of a carbon tax that is put upon the wealthier nations individuals to further erode the middle classes incomes. As it is the middle class that is most feared by the elite. SD will also begin a systematic moving of all citizens into the cities or regions designed to eliminate the need for individual transportation. Of course you’re being told it will save the planet. People used to 1-2,000 sq.feet of living space will find that 4-600 will become the norm at the same cost.

We in the United States have seen the decline of the jobs that sustained the middle class leave as these industries move to the nations who will not be under carbon taxation and where they pay employees poverty level wages. The elimination of all fossil fuel burning electrical generation is also destroying jobs and the ability to generate the power needed for the continuation of heating and cooling of the homes we have come accustomed to. This will further cause a decline in the middle class.

With the creation of the World Health Organization (WHO) a worldwide vaccination program was developed and again under the banner to save lives. However this program has a secret agenda that is rarely reported or remains unknown. Vaccines are being used for two other purposes besides elimination of some childhood diseases. Sterilization and the dumbing down of societies worldwide. They are laced with neuro – toxins to diminish mental ability and they are also designed to weaken the immune system as a whole to the even more deadly viruses not yet introduced. 

The educational front is under the U.N. Global Citizenship Education program. In the U.S. we call it Common Core as the federal government has taken over all educational guidelines. This is being used to brainwash children into the belief of all globalist programs. The children of today are beginning to show a decline in intelligence and are loosing all desires of individualism. Personal achievement is becoming less important or recognized. Everyone is equal in all things whether it be intelligence or athletics. Their drive to achieve is being removed. The goal is to have a world educational system that is equal in that it limits intelligence.

Colleges and Universities are pushing Communism as the only viable solution. The elite see the Chinese model of combining communism with capitalism as the perfect fit for their agenda of government. They have an elite that controls all the wealth and a poor class that is submissive to them. The people have very little freedom and are totally dependent on the government.

With the media under complete control the elite can limit what you are allowed to know. Your news is filtered and often just straight propaganda as they repeat the lies over and over so that you believe it as truth. Through editing they can make you see the opposite of what really happened. The major news organizations are simply a tool to keep you unaware of what is really going on.

With film and music the elite can manipulate your thoughts and dull your emotions. These entertainments are also a way to keep you from really thinking about what is going on and a way to reward you and keep you artificially happy. They also use your favorite actors and musicians as spokesman in support of their agendas.

The use of false flags like the Gulf of Tonkin or 9/11 to rally support for war or to enact laws to catch terrorist as with The Patriot Act. This legislation had nothing to do with terrorist it was used to have you agree to give up some of your rights. Cameras everywhere, listening in on phone conversations, reading e-mail, texts, automobiles with tracking software as with cellphones. Social media being used to retrieve personal information and habits. Credit and debit cards to track your spending habits. This is full out Big Brother watching every thing you say and do.

The worlds citizens are totally in the dark as the elite have been slowly consolidating more power and pushing us closer to their vision. As those who tell you the truth are called Conspiracy Theorist. Again to make you ignore what is actually truth. They sell you on the idea that its lies that are being spread.

The Elites think themselves as being superior to everyone else. They believe they have the right to do and say as they wish. They look down on society as nothing more than cattle, sheep or as Plato called them “It’s”. These people feel nothing towards those they will rule as your life means nothing to them. After all it is you that fight their wars, it is you that they run medical experiments on. It is you that is using up all their resources. You have one purpose and that is to be slaves. And unfortunately they believe there are to many of us and their depopulation programs are being increased.

If you want to believe that what you are seeing in the world today is not part of the Elites sick plans then by all means ignore the warning signs. Ignore what is going on in Europe. Go ahead and believe that they don’t have the ability to alter the weather. Believe when they deny they are spraying chemtrails. Believe everything that they tell you. After all that’s what they are counting on.


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