Trump vs. Clinton It’s Official Let the Game Begin

This should be the hardest fought presidential election ever seen. Democrat Hillary R. Clinton who is the hand picked Globalist One World Governments choice against Donald J. Trump who shocked the Republican establishment as he created a movement that looks to stop the GOWG anti-American destruction of U.S. sovereignty plans. 

There was never any doubt that Clinton would be the Democrats nominee as the controlled media and Washington insiders would pull the necessary strings to achieve her selection. The Clinton machine with the backing of Wall Street, George Soros, Foreign interests, GOWG and Hollywood’s elite ensured her primary victory.

Bernie Sanders the Socialist Democrat as he likes to soft peddle his communist agenda gave the Democrat establishment some very nervous times. As in the Republican primary there is a movement against GOWG that masks itself as trade policies. Sanders supporters are generally young and educated by the radical leftist system created by the establishment. Imagine what is said in the back rooms about the fact that the establishments creations turned on them throughout the primary? As of now Sanders vows to fight on despite losing the rigged delegate count that gives Clinton the nomination.

As we move forward we have the most important choice to make in our lifetime as far as what direction we want our country to go in. There are now two major players from the two most powerful political parties that will be going head to head up until election night in November.

Former First Lady, New York U.S. Senator and U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Born in Chicago Illinois in 1947 on October 26th (age 68). She graduated from Wellesley College with a degree in Political science then She received her Law degree from Yale. It was during the 60’s that she went from a republican to a democrat after attending the republican national convention of 1968. From Goldwater to McGovern is in political terms a huge shift. Far right to far left as time progressed and her marriage to Bill Clinton in 1975 she followed his so called centrist leanings used by many politicians for electability.

She as Bill championed African American causes yet she claimed a known racist and former KKK Grand Wizard former U.S. Sen. Robert Byrd of West Virginia as her mentor in politics. Byrd was the ultimate Washington insider and leader of back room politics. Clinton was excepted as part of the Democrat party establishment along with husband Bill.

With her and Bills willingness to play the establishment games the Clinton’s rose to national power and entered the Whitehouse after defeating incumbent republican G.H.W. Bush in 1992. Despite having many scandals in their days in Arkansas the media helped secure this election by giving them a pass as is done for establishment candidates. From Bills sexual abuses, Whitewater, her insider trading windfall to the Mena Arkansas airport CIA run drugs for guns during Iran-Contra Affair during their time in the Statehouse in Arkansas.

The White House years for the Clinton’s was not much different as many new scandals and improprieties arose. Travelgate, Chinagate, Filegate, Pardongate,what is known as the Clinton Body Count, Bills continued sexual infidelities, Hillary’s failed attempt to create a national healthcare plan that cost taxpayer 50 million plus and many other improprieties. This was also when NAFTA was signed that ultimately began the destruction of the middle class in America as industrial jobs started to leave the country.

During Hillary’s time as U.S. Sen. from New York she did not make any real mark as this was only a plan to have her appear to be capable of running the White House at the end of George W. Bush’s two terms. She was touted as a shoe in for the 2008 presidential election. However these plans changed drastically as a new Democrat candidate Barack Obama appeared out of Hillary’s home town of Chicago Illinois. Washington insiders decided that a Bush,Clinton Bush,Clinton string was to obvious so she was to step back and wait for her turn in 2016. She was awarded the Secretary of State position as her payoff for agreeing.

As Secretary of State Hillary oversaw one of the worst foreign policy agendas America has witnessed. The Obama/Clinton support for the Arab Spring Movement led by the Muslim Brotherhood and known terrorist organizations  that overthrew two notable North African governments. One longtime U.S. ally, Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak and Colonel Ghadaffi of Libya who although a constant thorn in U.S. foreign policy he had become anti-terrorist over the years. And a leading voice in an attempt to stabilize Africa.

The Libyan disaster had resulted in the deaths of four Americans including U.S. Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens in Benghazi. Our involvement in Libya has created chaos within the country as several terrorist organizations including Al Qeada and Islamic State (ISIL) have Libya divided up between them. The Obama/Clinton team failed to come to the aid of its own people and reports have surfaced that clearly shows a stand down was in place. It has also caused the knowledge to be known that the U.S. funded and provided arms to Al Qeada and ISIL. Causing another Clinton scandal.

The handling of Iraq and Syria also shows that the Obama/Clinton team have created a worldwide migrant crisis that has Europe in turmoil. And of course another scandal has popped up, this one is the ongoing E-mail scandal that has been under investigation for what seems forever, again costing the taxpayers millions. Recent reports are that the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Foundation (formerly the Clinton Foundation) is under or will be investigated as it has many improprieties such as buying of influence through donations or payment for speeches and buying U.S. government favors also through the State Department.

If it were anyone else besides Hillary they would have been destroyed politically by the sheer number and serious nature of the scandals and investigations. However the Clinton’s both are well connected to the true powers that rule the world. And Hillary is the next in line for the presidency of the U.S. as promised to her in 2008. She is the chosen one by the elite of the world due to her willingness to follow their orders and hand America over to the Globalist One World Government.

Donald J. Trump: Born June 14 1946 (age 69) in Queens, New York City, New York. A graduate from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania. His resume is long and includes real estate development, author, television personality, hotel, resort, casino and golf course ownership as well as many other business ventures. Forbes Magazine lists him as one of the wealthiest persons in America.

Trump does not have the political baggage that Hillary brings. No huge scandals or improprieties on the scale of the Clinton’s. Their are no dark secrets in the Trump closet. His life has been out front and open since the 70’s as he has allowed himself to be dissected for years as he has been very forthcoming about his opinions and life. As any businessman on the same level as Trump there have been positive and negative outcomes. He fully admits that he has used the system to his advantage. After all he had no say in how it was created he just did what anyone would do in the same circumstances.

He fully admits that he has contributed heavily to both Republicans and Democrats. He has changed some of his views over the years however he has remained steadfast to one viewpoint and that is America is being destroyed by those in Washington and abroad. In his business career he has gotten to know many foreign and American businessmen/businesswomen and politicians. He has attended parties and social events that these people have and gotten to know who they are and what they really think. It is this knowledge that has driven him to run for president.

He is often quoted as saying ” business is a dirty game but politics is alot dirtier”. Many believe Trump is not knowledgeable on the issues and yet he has proven this to be wrong. He is very well read and is known to research heavily on any subject or issue in front of him. He will listen to all viewpoints then carefully decide on the right course of action. It is not that he lacks information he just comes to different conclusions than others in the political arena. He firmly believes in America first and he knows that the Establishment is taking the country into the hands of the GOWG. He understands the ramifications of this for the average American. No more Constitution or middle class and no more hope.

As former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said ” The Establishment in Washington doesn’t trust Trump, he is not one of them he doesn’t belong to any of their secret societies.” This alone is why you read and see all of the negative claims on him by the media and the politicians as they know he is out to stop their lies and deceptions.

Known to be outspoken and very blunt Trump has found politics to be tricky territory to travel. Didn’t take him long to realize that what Americans had been seeking is a strong willed and open person to lead them. Political correctness is not in the Trump dictionary as he battles with the media often. As his fellow republicans found out the hard way during the primaries, do not attack him or you will lose as he hits back much harder. He makes a point to know his opponents weakness before stepping into the ring.

The political news media has pushed many false labels upon Trump as well as have his Washington insider political opponents. Calling his securing of our borders to stop the onslaught of Mexican illegal immigrants and the crime wave they brought, “racist”. Along with his proposed ban on Muslim immigrants until they are properly vetted to ensure we don’t have the same problems Europe is having. Also calling this racist. Simple fact is neither is racism. Both are sound solutions to serious problems.

His political rallies have drawn the ire of those in the establishment as they draw thousands of supporters. The media repeatedly down plays the turnouts and began to blame Trump for the violence that soon followed as protesters soon appeared and began to disrupt these rallies. They included the George Soros funded Black Lives Matter, Communists, Bernie Sanders SJW’s, professional agitators and the racist La Raza Mexican nationalist. Many of these protester burn American flags swear at, spit on and now attack Trump supporters. Those connected to La Raza seem to be becoming the most violent.

There is a class action suit against Trumps former real estate school named Trump University. This was a program that required those who signed up to pay for instruction on how to make money in the real estate market. Despite overwhelming reviews by the majority of those who completed the course a few disgruntled people failed to achieve any success. Real life here as this lawsuit is frivolous and the judge should have dismissed the case.

The judge is Gonzalo P. Curiel who was appointed by Obama as a federal judge. His parents were Mexican immigrants and Curiel was born in Chicago Illinois. After gaining his law degree Curiel moved to San Diego California he joined the groups known as the Latino Bar Association and La Raza  Lawyers of California.

The law firm that brought this action against Trump is Robbins Geller Rudin & Dowd. The law firm sponsored the 2014 Annual Scholarship Fund Dinner and Gala for La Raza Lawyers of California. Judge Curiel was listed as being on the selection committee for the event. Trumps  lawyers motions for dismissal and that the judge is biased based on his membership in La Raza Lawyers for California as a pro illegal immigrant organization plus his connections to the plaintiffs attorneys require him to recuse himself from the case were denied.

What is La Raza you should ask, as it is a Mexican nationalist movement that was spoken about by longtime critic Ceaser Chavez who is revered in the Latino community. He devoted his life as a labor leader, Latino civil rights activist and cofounder of what is known today as the United Farm Workers Union. Chavez told writer Peter Mathiessen ” I hear more Mexicans talking about La Raza to build up their pride. Some people don’t look at it as racism. But when you say La Raza you are saying an anti-gringo (white) thing, and it won’t stop their.”

Americans must not fall for the media and political establishments twist on  Trumps attack on this judge as he did not make the situation racist by calling the judge a Mexican. He’s calling the judge out for belonging to a racist organization. And he like the protesters that wave Mexican flags and burn American flags who yell La Raza while attacking supporters of Trumps are the real racists and this Judge shouldn’t be allowed to hear the case as he is biased in many ways against Trump.

Have we in America just gotten plain stupid? The Democrats nominee has a criminal history that would make Al Capone blush. The establishment out right told Americans ” You don’t pick the nominees”. Only reason Trump won is that the establishment republicans couldn’t stop the Trump train as it picked up speed and ran through all of its obstacles. The silent majority is reawakening. The news medias lies and attempts to control the narrative has failed. Yet there are still those who want to believe everything they are told by a government that is destroying itself by those like the Clinton’s, Bush’s, Obama’s, Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney, Harry Reid, Donna Pelosi and all the rest.

November is the last chance for America to decide. Do you continue to believe all the lies you’ve been told for decades or do you finally stop being made fools of and being what the establishment politicians call you when they think nobody can hear. They call you dumb, stupid and worse. Why? Because you believe them. If you want to save your kids and grandkids futures you have one candidate that truly loves his country and its people. He’s blunt and he tells the truth. He doesn’t belong to the secret societies that is mandatory in the eyes of the Establishment. He is against having the United States surrender to the GOWG. Choice is yours a known criminal or a man who can beat them at there own game. His tactic is truth theirs is lies.

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