The Bilderberg Group 2016: The Wizards of OZ behind the Curtain


It is that time of year again when the leaders of industry, finance, politics, media, academia, intelligence services and the cyber world meet behind closed doors. Despite being the American presidential campaign year 2016 the Bilderberg Group chose not to meet in the United States as has been custom. A change of venue was decided and Dresden Germany became this years location. From June 9-12 these  “Elite” men and women will discuss world events and share their views in secret.

The Bilderberg Group was founded in 1954 and named after the hotel where they held there first meeting in the Netherlands. Between 120-150 attendees with 2/3 being European and 1/3 American, 1/3 from politics and the rest from the other categories. Dubbed as being held to strengthen ties between Europe and America. The meetings are held under the Chatham House Rule, which states that participants are free to use the information received, but neither the identity nor the affiliation of the speaker(s) nor of any other participant may be revealed. 

Secrecy is the key as in past years the list of those in attendance was carefully guarded. A list would be leaked to those who covered these events yet the main stream news media never seemed interested. The fact that members of MSM have been in attendance as they are again this year, should awaken you to the realization that these so called independent sources of information are in fact nothing more than propagandist and members of the elite themselves.

This year the “list” along with the topics of discussion was revealed in a press release. Although it must be noted that all lists over the years are incomplete as others are invited yet their names are not included. The venues chosen are 5 star hotels or resorts that are rented in their entirety as no one but selected hotel staff that are sworn to secrecy and the Bilderbergs own security are allowed on the grounds. Local police are charged with security outside of the perimeter to ensure that no outsiders gain access.

As in past years the true independent journalist and news media who attempt to cover these meetings have become increasingly harassed with some being detained by the local police. All rights are mysteriously ignored while the Bilderberg Group holds their meetings.

This years topics that were released are vague but those who have covered several of these secret meetings can sort out the true nature of the topics by those in attendance by using the official and unofficial lists. What the Biberberg Group really is and does has become obvious to those with this experience.

This in truth is the Globalist One World Government, New World Oder, Shadow Government or the Wizards of Oz. Doesn’t matter what name you wish to give them they have been in control of the direction that the world has taken since the Bilderberg Groups creation 64 years ago. The true Elite in charge that pick presidents and prime ministers that are nothing more than puppets for this group. The good, bad and ugly is all coming out of these so called nonbinding discussions. Just a group of people sitting around pool side sharing drinks and conversations is what they want you to believe. In truth these are the worlds most powerful people who decide your future.

2016 Topics and what is really being discussed :
1. Current Events –  Your basic cover of  the rest of the major topics. You will notice that the Venezuelan crisis is missing from this list. Almost as if its not a major source of concern.
2. China – The Chinese economy as with the rest of the world is of concern as is their recent military moves in the South China Sea. Keeping the Chinese in line may be harder than was originally thought.
3. Europe migration, growth, reform, vision and unity – Short for European Union as it is the blue print for the Globalist One World Government. The migration issue was planned and they will discuss the issues that have arisen. Growth could be about the number of EU members to strengthen their influence, as it is well known Bilderberg supports economic collapse as part of their agenda to solidify control. Reform is code for changing the psychology and views of the people to continue to endorse EU policies (brainwashing). Vision being the immediate future again to strengthen control. They must stop Brexit in the United Kingdom as it may empower the anti-globalist movement throughout Europe to call for the same. The EU is the building block for domination and they can’t afford it to begin a reverse in direction. If the EU crumbles it will loosen their control. They fear an awakening by the population to discover their true nature. The pulling back of the curtain to reveal who they really are.
4. Middle East – Israel has been looking to Russia as the EU and US continue to support the turmoil created in the name of radical Islam. Assad of Syria has survived longer than expected thanks to Russian, Iranian support. The need is for continued war here, again to cause as much crisis as possible to strengthen the Bilderberg call for GOWG as the answer to cure the worlds ills.
5. Russia – Putin has been a major problem as he will not just roll over to those who favor GOWG. A return to Cold War status with a possibility of all out war exists. A enemy that is real or created is always needed to rally support by the public for the current government. As long as Putin remains against joining into the GOWG and their goals it makes Russia the fall back enemy needed.
6. US political landscape, economy, growth, debt and reform – With Trumps ever increasing populist movement this has thrown a wrench into a guaranteed Clinton victory in 2016. With Clinton the continuation of the US being the centerpiece of GOWG was certain. Trump however has long been against this and has awakened millions to these plans. The normal propaganda by the media has failed. The 2016 Bilderberg meetings will spend a lot of time coming up with a viable plan to stop Trump. With the economy being in such a volatile state it may be decided to cause a collapse sooner than planned. The problem here is that they don’t want to bring down the facade they have created that the US is not controlled. This illusion has been paramount as a way to avoid civil war within the US. This explains the preparations that have been made for a total crackdown with Martial Law being called. Everything is in place if this last option is needed to enforce GOWG rule. Growth here like in Europe is for growth of those countries inline with GOWG. The all out creation of the North American Union with Canada and Mexico being one with the US as planned. The US debt isn’t the same problem for them as it is to the citizens. They will decide to increase it or pull it back depending on the other US issues discussed. Reform as in the EU is about reforming public opinion and the brainwashing techniques used.
7. Cyber Security – All problems pertaining to the internet. It has become clear that on one hand it has advantages to fulfill the needs of the GOWG for monitoring people and organizations. However they have realized that they need to limit access to information as the ability to peak under the curtain has become to easy for those who look. Censorship is being done at an ever increasing rate throughout the internet.
8. Geo-politics of energy and commodity prices – Looking for ways to gain complete control in these areas and using this control to bring more governments into the fold.
9. Precariat and middle class – There has been a war on the middle class for decades as these numbers decline every year. The middle class remains the largest threat to their plans. Precariat is a new term for those who have gained college and university degrees only to find no jobs waiting for them in the fields of study. A growing problem and a dangerous one to the GOWG. These are young educated people that have begun demanding answers.
10. Technological innovation – This area spans the entire field from robotics, security to weaponry. They will discuss the best ways to utilize these advances.

It may seem to be a lot of issues to deal with over a 3 day weekend however its an overview of the issues and the entire group isn’t run as a government. Only a small number of those who attend are the ones who make the final decisions. The few who do decide the directions decided upon will pass on the orders they wish to implement. Not all of the leaders of this group attend every year as they will have trusted representatives at the meetings to express there desires.
One thing that is true is that these are the Wizards behind the curtain. Some of the attendees are the creators of the GOWG. They are the elite who decide your future. You can deny it all that you want, after all that is exactly what they want you to do. And as long as you do they will remain in control.


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