Hillary Clinton’s Email Scandal May Reveal Other Top Officials Involvement

As many wonder why the investigation into former Secretary of State Clinton’s use of a private unsecured server is taking so long. The answers may be coming as more is known about those 30,000 deleted emails that are being retrieved. Despite her outright lies that those missing emails were personal with some being between her and husband Bill who emphatically has stated that he doesn’t use email. And just plain common sense would tell anyone that nobody would have 30,000 personal emails over the time span.

It is known and confirmed that 2,093 had top secret or Special Access Programs on them. Many had the headers removed under direct orders from Clinton to hide this fact. It is also claimed by international hacker Marcel Lehel Lazar (Guçcifer) that he hacked Clinton’s server. Pleading guilty in May for hacking the Clinton private unsecured server. Guccifer has said that it was very easy and that there were 10 other IP addresses from around the world also on the server when he had access. On at least one occasion the State Department Inspector General’s report has found that the server was turned off as it was in the process of being hacked. Russian and Chinese hackers are believed to have had access also.

Of the 55,000 emails that Clinton did turn over there were 47 that contained ” B3 CIA PERS/ORG”. This could have exposed unknown CIA personnel to prying eyes and put them or an operation in danger. This shows that Clinton knowingly and willfully exposed US secrets and personal. These are very serious charges and yet to date no indictment seems forthcoming.

While on the campaign trail Clinton has dismissed this entire email scandal as nothing as she assures her supporters that there will be no indictment. Many in the media and those involved in government are mystified as to what could be holding up this indictment. The evidence that has come out is enough for charges to be filed. A federal judge has given Bryan Pagliano the State Department employee and long time Clinton aide who set up this private server at the Clinton residence immunity in exchange for his testimony. This isn’t done usually unless charges are in the process of being taken to a grand jury.

There are two scenarios that could be the cause of this holdup. One that is just breaking as it has been revealed that Clinton while Secretary of State ordered CIA drone strikes with her cellphone. Again using unsecured channels to communicate top secret US policy or operations. The FBI investigation into the emails may have found the largest scandal in US history. From email server to Clinton Foundation fraud. There is a very strong possibility also that others within government that could lead directly into the White House have been knowingly communicating with Clinton over unsecured lines. This may explain FBI director James Comey’s long what seems drawn out investigation. Rumors within Washington are beginning to speculate that some of those 30,000 deleted emails may have exposed many more to be involved. It has been widely known that the Clinton’s have been receiving multimillion dollar donations to their Foundation from foreign governments and companies that gained favor for arms sales and mining lease options within the United States.

And with the recent cellphone revelations the questions begin to pile up. Who was on the other end of those calls and who were the recipients or those contacting her by email? Does it involve The director of the CIA, President Obama or others at the highest levels? Has FBI director Comey found the highest levels of treason, corruption and fraud in history?

Or is it the 2nd scenario? The FBI is to gather the evidence then take it to the Department of Justice headed by Attorney General Loretta Lynch. Lynch received her first major appointment from then president Bill Clinton as US Attorney for the Eastern District of New York from June of 1999 to May of 2001. So she has ties to the Clinton’s. She returned to this position when president Obama reappointed her for it from May 2010 to April of 2015 when she became Attorney General at the DOJ. Obvious conflict of interest due to Clinton appointment. Some think that Lynch may not take this Clinton scandal to a grand jury due to Washington’s political favors. Obama has just endorsed Hillary for president. An odd situation considering what she is being investigated for. This could be an alert that their is a coverup that starts within the White House. No one should be surprised as this is how Washington works. Time will tell which scenario it is.


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