Omar Mateen Islamic Terrorist Strikes as ISIS had Warned

With the mass shooting at the LBGT night club Pulse in Orlando Florida killing over 50 and wounding 50 plus more. We must begin to question many things and start to respond. This is a time for serious discussions to look into every aspect of what went wrong. There will be calls for stricter gun laws and more surveillance against all Americans. This should be a wake up call to those that call for this that those two things don’t work and it is not the problem.

The shooter was well versed as to where to find a large group of unarmed people. Florida is a fairly gun friendly state however, one place where they do not allow guns is at establishments that serve alcohol. There was the normal security as in bouncers at the club yet they too were unarmed. The shooter was able to walk right in carrying a rifle and hand gun wearing a vest. Mateen  chose his target carefully and in his distorted thinking he was successful.

As the investigation continues some answers should come to light concerning Mateen’s connections to ISIS and how he was able to go undetected. Many in America have no idea as to what radical Islam is. Obama and Clinton never use the word and want Americans to believe that it doesn’t exist. They consider you unable to tell the difference between radical and peaceful. As with all religions there are different degrees and interpretations.

The problem lies in that those who follow radical Islam are growing in the west by coming in as refugees. As in Europe where there are No Go Zones within European cities and towns where Sharia Law is observed by the ever growing migrant populations. Those of traditional German culture or Belgian, French etc.. Are told not to go into these heavily populated areas where the migrants have created small but growing districts ruled by strict Islamic thugs as police avoid these areas.

In the US we have an ever growing number of these refugees that are coming by plane as the Obama administration is doing as those of the European Union have done, Opening our borders allowing terrorist free reign. Using the excuse that these people are refugees from countries that have turmoil and are war torn. So humanitarian need is the excuse. Fact is there have been cells of radical Islamist here since the late 90’s as this is part of a plan to destroy western civilization from within.

Those of the radical Islamic faith have no want to assimilate into western culture. They have said repeatedly that their goal is to destroy western culture and its people. The attack on a LBGT night club was no coincidence as radical Islamists are anti-gay and 11 Islamic countries execute homosexuals for the crime of being homosexual daily. This attack and another failed one today in Las Angeles at a LGBT parade that was thwarted by police are exactly what ISIS called for and is part of their plot to destroy the entirety of western civilization.

President Obama held a press conference about the Orlando terrorist attack and immediately called for stricter gun laws. Acting as if he has no clue as to why a radical Islamist would have done this horrific deed. “He knows full well why this radical Islamist would even think of doing this as he attended a Muslim school while he lived in Indonesia as a child.” Again red flags should be seen by all Americans as American foreign policy and opening of our borders is the cause and not our freedoms that he and others claim.

The first and second amendments of the US constitution are under attack from the anti-American elements within our government. Now they bring in people who refuse to assimilate to our government and culture and when something like this happens the first response is to take away our rights. As if its the problem and not that they allow people who hate this country and its freedoms to walk right in. They use a term called “hate speech” and somehow claim its freedom of speech that is the problem.

We now see communist flags and Mexican flags held by the racist La Raza protesting against America. La Raza has infiltrated our local governments and federal and state judiciary and if their racism is called out the one doing so is called the racist and is said to use hate speech and is censored. Both Obama and Clinton have as their closest aides Muslims who have stated a desire to destroy America or a connection to those who are actively doing so. Valerie Jarrett is Obamas most trusted aide and FBI files document her family’s overwhelming ties to communism and her ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. Huma Abedin is Clinton’s closest aide and she and her family have been involved with the Muslim Brotherhood and the Muslim World League. And of course the Obama/Clinton foreign policy that connects them both to Al Qeada and ISIS support. This is not hate speech this is fact.

Sadly the threats by ISIS and Al Qeada of attacks in America have begun. They are using the term Domestic Terrorism despite the fact that its being controlled by sources outside. And of course the President of the United States first response is to call for more limits of our rights to be put into place. When are you going to wake up and demand that this be stopped? Are you going to wait until you can no longer defend yourself and you fear that if you speak out that you will be censored or worse? Its now people, the planned destruction of America has begun. Don’t wait for all out martial law demand that your rights are kept intact. Call your representatives in congress and senators at both state and federal levels and demand they keep your rights and expose those who are allowing this to happen. Get out and vote for the candidates who are pro constitution. Or just roll over and allow the last truly free country left in the world to be lost to history. You can always just tell your grandkids that you did nothing to stop it.


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