Orlando Attack Obama Clinton to Blame

“Oh What a Deadly Web We Weave When We Practice to Deceive.”
They are at it again, calling for gun control and worse. Obama and Clinton immediately called for more gun control in the aftermath of the Orlando terror attack. When will these people stop their rhetoric? When will they stop deceiving themselves and the American people? Gun control is not the answer, and sadly they know it.

When you continuously keep making the wrong choices you try to blame someone or something else. Obama helped create this mess with the help of Hillary Clinton and George Bush and Dick Cheney others before them. All these false flags, invasions of countries, over throwing other governments, launching of Drone strikes, gun sales to terrorists, opening the borders, Shall I go on?

Why don’t they just tell the truth and tell the American people what they have done and what they really are planning to do? Be transparent just once and see what happens. Bet you know you can’t because if the American people knew the truth they would turn on you so quickly and throw you all in prison  for treason. Good thing the media is doing such a wonderful job of lying for you. Your secret is fine with me I won’t tell that its nothing but lies and deception on T.V. and in print.

Do ya think anyone knows that your plan is to take all the guns so you can round everyone up that you deem useless and do God knows what to them? For some reason Hitler, Stalin and Mao come to mind. Do you think anyone knows that you created Al Qeada and ISIS along with your pro radical Islamic partners? Madam Secretary of State Clinton it seems that you stopped an investigation into the mosque Mateen  attended. May we know why? Didn’t another terrorist come from the same mosque? Oh yes there was, Moner Mohammed Abu Salha who blew himself up in a suicide attack in Syria.

Bush and Cheney what a team, remember that little inside job? Oh yea think we call it 9/11. This was when you decided to invade Iraq and Afganistan. That has worked out very well. What did you call it? Oh yes the “War on Terror”. By the way hasn’t anyone noticed the massive increase in heroin use since the Invasion of Afghanistan. Let’s do some math here. Terror + Afghanistan + poppy fields = increase in American heroin addiction.

The world is under assault since 9/11 the taking down of what were by all accounts dictators Saddam Husien of Iraq, Colonel Gaddafi of Lybia and as Bush and Cheney said about the Taliban in Afghanistan ” The repressive Taliban regime in Afghanistan.” Wasn’t the claim about how badly they treated woman? Wasn’t this in fact Sharia Law?

So let’s get this straight we invaded a country (Afghanistan) to rid the world of a government that practised Sharia Law because it bread terrorism? And we also invaded a country (Iraq) because its dictator was a threat to the region where other countries practised the same form of Islam. I’m confused here? Kind of schizophrenic or something.

Well the American people became tired of this strange foreign policy and Obama promised change. He would get us out of Iraq and Afghanistan he promised. Well he got us out of Iraq like he said he would. Wait a minute we are back in again, and we never did leave Afghanistan. What did we do in Libya? Why is Hillary Clinton saying ” We came, we saw, he died” then crack up laughing? Oh she thinks its funny that she and Obama killed Gaddafi. Good thing our friends al Qeada and ISIS were there to take over. Wait a minute what? Wasn’t it al Qeada that did 9/11? And who is ISIS?

Hope you are following this because its leading up to why your rights are being taken. These people are saving us from the evil terrorists they claim as you are being monitored by the NSA, strip searched by the TSA, loosing your right to free speech by the CIA and losing your right to own guns by your representatives in government that swear to uphold the Constitution. Its that paper written by some guys who thought it a good idea to limit governments ability to control your lives. It appears that nobody is paying attention to that anymore. After all by ignoring freedom it makes us safer. Good thing to, it would be terrible to have those who want to destroy our way of life to be here and attacking unarmed people. Wouldn’t want things like San Bernadino or Orlando. Oops that is here. Well good thing its only “Home grown terrorism” as our President says. Has nothing to do with Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya or the people that follow Sharia Law like al Qeada and ISIS. Wait a minute this isn’t Home grown these are Radical Islamist who believe in Sharia Law.

ISIS, ISIL or Daesh are all one in the same and also called Islamic State. Their goal is to rule the world and use Sharia Law as the law of the land. They believe western culture is evil and misguided by Christianity. Strict followers  of Mohammed the creator of Islam they follow his violence ridden prophecy.

ISIS began as a rebel insurgency once Iraq was liberated (using that word lightly) by the US led invasion and overthrow of Hussein. They have been financially supported,  armed and were trained militarily by Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Turkey the US and some of its NATO allies. They were involved in the overthrow of Gaddafi in Libya and they are heavily involved in the attempt to overthrow Assad in Syria. It is a pattern of regime change in the mideast led by American foreign policy since 9/11.

The affect has been massive migration from all of the war torn countries from Afghanistan to Syria to North Africa. Millions have gone into Europe and the US and Canada as they flee these regions. Bringing with them their religion and with that the many who abide by Sharia Law. There has been large numbers of western born Muslims whose parents had migrated over the years who have become radicalized within mosques worldwide by Imams that preach Sharia Law. Using the freedoms of religion and speech that the west provides. These followers have become emboldened as their numbers grow. They are following Mohammed’s call to rule the world. It is a basic principle of Islam and a duty as Mohammed prophesied.

With Obama and Clinton unwilling to be honest and the unwillingness of the media to truthfully report the facts. The radical Islamists have brought their beliefs and war on what they are taught as the evils of western culture to us. Our military goes towards their lands as they pass the people bringing their violence to our lands. Using our freedoms to force us to respect their religion and culture of violence and demands that we follow them. While our militaries go into their lands bringing with it our violence and demands that they follow our beliefs.

The shooting in Orlando lays squarely at the feet of Obama, Clinton, Bush, Cheney and all those in the west that have interfered in the mideast for decades. Taking more of our rights won’t change a thing as long as the governments of the west continue to use the lies and deceptions of what is really going on. They are creating a Globalist One World Government by using all the false flags like 9/11. Creating wars and bringing in a people whose culture and religion does not mix with others. Obama made what appeared or was claimed to be a joke at the last Correspondence Dinner “The end of the Republic never looked better.”

I can’t be more brutally honest with you other than to say “He was not joking!”  By limiting our 1st amendment “free speech” and destroying our ability to “bear arms” as stated in the 2nd of the Constitution he is in fact ending the Republic that is based on the Constitution. Without the Constitution there is no Republic. So go ahead America let these people who have run this country into the ground destroy us. Allow the media and internet to be censored so you won’t have the ability to seek the truth. Allow the government to keep taking all your rights. Don’t read up about Sharia Law because if your government keeps lying to you it will become the new law as you allowed your laws of freedom to be taken. Once this  Republic of the United States is gone there will be no coming back. All freedom shall be a thing the history books won’t even have as the truth dies with freedom.


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