Orlando Shooting: Story Being Sanitized


As they have done for decades the US and local governments along with MSM have begun to “sanitize the story” making it fit a certain narrative. Cleaning up this story to have it appear not to be what it really was. As this is being done many conflicting reports are coming out that seem to contradict one another.

When the story first broke it was reported that the shooter Mateen was a devout Muslim who had become radicalized. Now we are hearing something that fits more closely to what President Obama first referred to it as being. He denied any exterior influence as he called the shooting “Home Grown Extremism”. Obama refuses to even use the words “Radical Islam” as if there is no such thing. And it is becoming more clear that the differences between radical and moderate Islam are not as much as we are made to believe.

As with the San Bernadino shooting, at first it appeared to be due to a couple who had become radicalized Islamist. Soon it was called everything but a terrorist attack with “Home grown extremism” being the label as it fits the Obama, Clinton and Globalist calls for wide reaching gun bans in the United States. They want you to believe its your freedoms that cause these incidents.

The Orlando shooting has fallen into the same category as the call for tighter gun control is being heard repeatedly. MSM is in full propaganda mode as they have always been the arm of the Globalist to dilute information or create a false narrative to sway public opinion. We must remember that when the government comes to you and says its here to help that is the last thing you will receive.

Again we Americans are either unaware or not even taught about the true purpose of the creation of our Republic. The Founding Fathers created the Constitution to limit the federal governments interference in our lives. We are allowed to maintain basic human rights that would insure that the government without a long process of checks and balances could take our basic rights away. Congress, the executive branch (President) and the Judiciary. The press was allowed to be separate from government control to independently voice opinions and act as a watchdog for the people. Ben Franklin who ran his own newspaper referred to the press as the 4th branch of government that is independent from it.

Today we don’t have these luxuries. The MSM is controlled by 6 major corporations and have been admittedly infiltrated by the CIA with Operation Mockingbird in the 1950’s. This Operation is still running today. It is widely known that during WWII that the OSS (the lead intelligence agency at the time) had a high degree of influence on what the media reported during the war. There is no independent 4th branch any longer as the news media is now the propaganda wing of those who are taking us into the Globalist One World Government.

Our presidents have begun using Executive Orders that basically are like dictatorial powers as they can bypass congress and the judiciary. There are several EO’s that allow the president to suspend the constitution and call for martial law. Using vague terms within these orders they have no true guidelines as to when they can declare martial law. These actions are totally against the ideas and true nature of our founding fathers. The federal government was to be heavily restricted yet as time has passed it has become involved in almost every aspect of daily life. States Rights have declined since the end of the Civil War as the federal governments power has increased and created a more centralized government with less checks and balances.

Sanitizing situations like Orlando have been ever increasingly done. Those that hold the reigns of power will use this technique to fit the propaganda viewpoint and need. Amazingly the American public follows along and believes the sanitized versions. Any other version being dubbed as a conspiracy theory. So in essences you are told lies and told to ignore the truth. Your entire life the government has lied to you almost about everything. And you believe it because they said so and the MSM says its true.

The fact is there is terrorism, and those behind it want to destroy this country and take all your freedoms. All of them! People within our own government are behind much of it here and abroad. Most of what you believe is not true as they have sanitized everything with their propaganda machine. The Globalist One World Government considers you to be more of a terrorist threat than those involved in San Bernadino or Orlando. These events are used to take your ability to defend yourself. They are behind the censorship of certain voices but not all voices are censored, just those who alert you to the truths. Who decides what you hear and why are you not allowed to hear everyone?

There are big events coming that is why they want to remove the Constitution. So watch as they sanitize the Orlando story with all their lies and deceptions. This is your America defend it or lose it, look for the truth and learn what is being done to you right in front of your eyes.


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