This is Not Climate Change it is Weather Manipulation


Has anyone noticed anything odd this year? It appears that despite the heavy rains that Texas experienced in late May early June there has been very little rain throughout the country. And the Tornado reports have fallen to the lowest rates ever with Tornado season having less than two weeks to go. Of course a tornado can happen at anytime of year yet, a look at this graph shows a huge difference in 2016.


Despite all the evidence many still claim weather manipulation is not happening. The following pictures are Chemtrails caused by purposely spraying aerosols. Many different chemicals and metals have been admitted to have been sprayed. The British government has admitted spraying from planes to study what would happen if the Soviet Union had sprayed biological weapons as far back as the late 1950’s. NASA, the Smithsonion and UN have all admitted spraying.



Now don’t call these contrails because they don’t stick around like this and these pictures are not normal flight paths.
You must understand also that yes there is cloud seeding that is used to help make it rain. But these are not examples of that either. By creating these white mists of clouds you get heat trapped unto the earth, blocking off natural sunlight and UV rays and we have no idea what the health affects are to humans.

Why are so many people unwilling to admit what is literally right in front of them? Are you aware that your government has technologies already that you may not even see in your lifetime? One instance is something that has been contributing to the drought in California and Southwest. They can use HAARP to create stationary Highs that block the natural jet stream that would bring cooler water vapor filled Lows over California. Another what seems to be new Weather Manipulation tool can use Microwaves to super heat storms and blast them apart. They have been using this technology of the west coast and in the Midwest or Tornado belt. Explains the steep decline of supercell driven tornados. Go to YouTube and watch Videos by 1PacificRedwood and you can watch this storm blasters work.

I must ask you to go outside and just become aware of the sky above you. Watch everyday and see the differences. The bright blue skies one day then streaks of clouds that are not natural. Then notice how there is no blue but a milky white. Still don’t believe me? Well this picture is the inside of a plane that does the spraying. You can see the tanks used for the chemicals. Sadly most Conspiracy Theories are true, it just that governments don’t want you to know what is really going on. Man made drought and trapping of the heat plus blocking of the jet stream and blasting apart supercell thunder storms. Looks like its being done on purpose.



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