Gun Control Backers Fail, Blame NRA


Those who favor even more restrictions on the 2nd Amendment failed to convince the majority to proceed with any of the 4 versions introduced. Using the latest mass shooting in Orlando Florida as their rallying cry they failed to achieve the votes needed. Immediately placing blame on the NRA saying ” those who voted these measures down were driven by money from the NRA lobbyist.” Refusing to acknowledge the reports from Chicago of the 300th death by shooting this year. Chicago is the murder capital of the United States and also has the tightest gun control laws in the country.

This issue will continue to be a major subject as this presidential election year continues. Republican Donald Trump is pro 2nd Amendment and Democrat Hillary Clinton has said she opposes it. Fact is current President Barrack Obama and Clinton are known to favor elimination the 2nd Amendment entirely.

The propaganda coming out of MSM is trying to influence the American people to call for the repel of the 2nd Amendment. As the attacks on the Constitution continue as a whole. Over the years this document has been increasingly ignored despite it being the back bone of the Republic. Those on the Left claim its meaning and words are dead as they attempt to take total control of the future. Those on the Right say it is a living document and should be upheld as it was meant to limit the federal government from becoming the masters of all, and the 2nd Amendment helps to ensure this.

We are living in perhaps the most dangerous time since the Civil War. The attacks on our liberties are growing and the divisions within the country are becoming wider.

Those on the Left are seeking to create a Socialist controlled government that provides everything equally to all. Despite calling themselves Socialist Democrats they unwittingly are calling for Communism. This is allowing government to have total control of your lives. Your basic freedoms being surrendered. Their total lack of understanding history is the driving force. One argument used is that they want to replicate FDR’s policies that brought us out of the Great Depression. The historical fact is that those policies did not bring us out of the depression it unfortunately was WWII.

Those on the Right look to the Constitution and what was envisioned by our founders. Were all are equal and all have the same rights. You have the right to free speech, to defend yourself, to own property and to seek happiness. It is those simple principles that allow people to achieve whatever they wish. If you seek to become rich you have that freedom, if you seek the home with the white picket fence you also are free to do that. Being free allows endless opportunity to achieve whatever you want and are willing to strive for.

We must look back in order to move forward and understand our history and truthfully look at how we got into this mess. We need to realize who it is that are trying to eliminate every aspect of our American culture and society. The first step is to push back on the overgrown federal government that has implemented unconstitutional laws. We need to force those in Washington DC to step out of trying to control every aspect of our lives. We as Americans need to take responsibility for what we have allowed. Its time to decide where we are headed and its time to become informed and find the truth. Your freedom depends on it.


One thought on “Gun Control Backers Fail, Blame NRA

  1. You should research which states will actually allow gun confiscation, or any gun federalised mandates, the governor of Alabama has made it illegal for any law enforcement inside Alabama to participate in gun confiscation, meaning.. if the feds want them they have to disarm the entire state without the help of the state, which is impossible, I think Tennessee.. don’t hold me to it, but I know the offered a bill to the Tennessee supreme court to allow state officials to arrest and imprison anyone that is in or enters the state to partake in such acts

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