Clinton Foundation, Emails & DNC Hackers “Broken Arrow!”


Broken Arrow is a term used in the US military when their position has become overrun by the enemy. A call for an all out attack by American artillery and air power on top of their own positions is needed to stop the enemy. Unfortunately the hacking of Clinton and DNC servers has created the need for this call.

Everything that is wrong in American politics is being exposed by Hackers from around the world. The once powerful Clinton Machine is being exposed as one of the most corrupt political dynasties ever. The Clinton’s have beaten back all comers that have tried to expose them since Bill was Attorney General of Georgia. From rapes committed that were covered up to untimely deaths of opponents and allies who knew too much. Could the most recent scandals now coming to the forefront be the end of the line for not only the power the Clinton’s have abused, but also just how corrupt the two major political parties have become?

The words of our first president George Washington couldn’t be more fitting than now in 2016. In his farewell address he said of political parties “a small but artful and enterprising minority put in place of the delegated will of the Nation, the will of party.” Washington also had insight to the problems with alliances with foreign governments stating “to steer clear of permanent Alliances.” Foreign nations, he explained, could not be trusted to do anything more than pursue their own interests when entering international treaties. Rather than expect “real favors from Nation to Nation,” Washington called for extending foreign “commercial relations” that could be mutually beneficial, while maintaining “as little political connection as possible.”

As with most of the warnings given by our founders and the restrictions they purposely applied to the government they created by giving us the Constitution. Our political leaders elected and appointed have been on a course to destroy the meaning of this document as they put their own ambitions and needs above the people.

The Clinton’s are the prime example of all that George Washington feared. The connections to foreign governments that have paid the Clinton Foundation millions in exchange for influence has smeared the direction we are heading into. It couldn’t be more obvious now that Hillary was picked as far back as 2014 and most likely farther as the DNC’s presidential nominee for 2016. The entire Democratic Primary was a fiction created to give the appearance of democracy. The same held true with the Republicans as the RNC attempted to subvert Donald Trump. They failed at the polls yet are hatching a plan at their convention in Cleveland to snag the nomination from Trump.

The Clinton’s have always blown off any revelations about their misdeeds as nothing more than slight mistakes or unsubstantiated rumours that have no merit. MSM would claim the same as if it was always someone else’s fault. The MSM’s direct involvement in the cover ups shows the true power the Clinton Machine had gained over time. As with any organized crime family, fear was the motivation to keep quiet or suffer the consequences that are all to well known.

To the professional observer with a background in psychiatry it is quickly noticed that Hillary Clinton is a sociopath. She feels nothing for anyone and believes that she alone is somehow able to do anything without repercussions. She willfully and knowingly used a private server to communicate while Secretary of State. Telling her subordinates to commit crimes by cutting the headers off these emails. Exposing National secrets to anyone who wanted to see. She and husband Bill openly took bribes through their Foundation for favors from your government on land deals to gun running and involvement with ISIS.

Her path to the White House was to be uneventful in 2016 as the Clinton Machine had all the goods on all of her opponents. She has said she will “not be indicted” as fact as she dares anyone to go against this machine that has the backing of those both foreign and domestic that have controlled our political system since the Coup d’etat of November 1963.

The reliance on the short memories and lack of knowledge in historical fact by the American populous plays well into the broken system we have today. With the international bankers and corporations running the show using the major intelligence agencies as their enforcers, MSM as their propagandist and political parties that give the illusion of Democracy we have been overrun.

“Broken Arrow, Broken Arrow America!” We need to take our country back, all the way back to the words given us by our founders. Hit the reset button people this is your government not theirs time to demand that Hillary be indicted and remove the others like the Clinton’s that have one goal in mind. To destroy your government, way of life, freedoms and eventually lives. End the slavery in 2016 with your words and votes.


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