Globalist MSM Using Big Brother Style Newspeak


The Globalist are on a massive campaign to sway the American voters by using complete denial of the truth about Hillary Clinton. Using the words conspiracy theory, discredited, unsubstantiated and lies when describing anything that’s negative yet true being said against Clinton.

Even factual documented evidence against her is being flat out denied as the truth. From as far back as the early 90’s with scandal after scandal MSM is even denying some of their own reporting of the past. They are rewriting history and shamelessly acting as though those reports never took place. This has become so Orwellian that even the author of the book 1984 George Orwell himself would be frightened.

The unfortunate truth is that most Americans fall for the deceptions as many don’t remember or pay enough attention to know what is or isn’t the truth. As long as MSM that is Globalist controlled and nothing more than the propaganda wing of those who really decide your futures (Big Brother) says it, most believe whatever they are told.

You have been kept in the dark for so long and your education never really went deep enough and was so controlled that what you know about any one subject is limited. Example: Medical doctors being the ones who prescribe you pharmaceuticals have little pharmacy back ground required for their medical degree. Those drugs they give you are being sold to them in the same manner as if buying a car. A pharmaceutical salesman who may or may not have a medical or pharmacy back ground uses basic sales techniques to convince your doctor this or that medication is the one. How often has this created bad side effects or injuries and even deaths? Medical mistakes are the 3rd leading cause of death in America.

It doesn’t matter the subject or job classification the educational system only gives you information on a need to know basis. Your lives have been controlled and you are unaware of it. Information is controlled from your earliest education to the media you see and hear today. MSM will use fear and deceptive reports and articles to implant the information that you’re allowed to know. Again its on a need to know basis and the average American is at the bottom of the list as you are not allowed to really know much. The reason is very simple as you would be appalled at what is really going on.

Hillary Clinton was chosen to follow Barack Obama as president. Not by you but by those who have the Big Brother status. MSM is assigned the task to sell you on this plan and make you believe it was your idea as you are informed by MSM. The multitude of scandals are of no importance and so they tell you there is nothing there. You are the slaves of history past and only need to know what your Master tells you.

The Globalist are enslaving you further as they tighten their grip by placing fear into your minds. 9/11 was just another False Flag to get you to accept losing freedoms so they can protect you better. You accepted these measures without question as your fear was heightened. They sold you on an idea and you bought into it as your information was limited to the need to know lowest level status.

Does anyone ever remember the constant talk of assassination of a presidential candidate like we see today concerning Trump? Even MSM places articles and reports in support of this idea. They are trying to implant the idea that this is needed. Look at the social sites that are full of this. There are hired protesters claiming racism, fascism and sexism at Trump rallies that are there to implant those terms in your minds. All without any factual or documented evidence to back up the claims. Just constantly repeating lies to make it the truth or so you believe.

The constant denials of the Clinton’s crimes and scandals are being done to make you believe those are all untrue or never happened despite being documented and true. Why would MSM do this? Simply put they are controlling you and your thoughts. Its all propaganda in its purest form to make you elect Clinton and have you believe you made the choice of your own free will. After all you are informed and have free will right? Are you sure?

Donald Trump is telling you the truth about our government and the cause of our problems today. That is why the Globalist fear his words so much that they are using Big Brother style newspeak. Don’t rely on propaganda from MSM seek the truth become informed.


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