UK Knocks Out Globalism “Leave Wins!” In Brexit Vote


The people of the UK have spoken making the 23rd of June 2016 “Independence Day.” The grip of the Globalist slips in Europe as more may follow the UK lead and begin to dismantle the Soviet style European Union. The Globalist respond by causing turmoil in the markets as they sense that an awakening has begun.

With the US elections coming in November pitting anti-globalist Donald Trump against their pro-globalist choice Hillary Clinton, a Trump victory would mean the dream of the Globalist One World Government is over for now.

UK Prime Minister David Cameron says he will invoke Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty immediately. This gives the UK and EU two years to negotiate an exit strategy. Fellow Conservative and former Mayor of London Boris Johnson who unlike Cameron supported Brexit, has said that he believes the UK should not invoke Article 50 immediately as he would like to make some changes within the EU first. By invoking Article 50 there is no path back to the EU unless the other members unanimously vote the UK back in.

PM Cameron has notified the Queen that he will stay on to help ” steady the ship” until October. He then will step down possibly making way for Johnson to become the Conservative party leader and therefore PM. Many questions remain as there are calls to remain until the 2020 general elections. Whether Cameron invokes Article 50 now or waits the UK will remain under EU laws until they leave. The difference being they will no longer have any say within the European Council once Article 50 is invoked. Reality is that the council seat they give up on the EC is by appointment by all EU members and therefore not  chosen by the British people. The EC is the governing body of the EU as the Parliament is ceremonial and holds no power.

Another problem has arisen as the people of Scotland who just narrowly voted to remain as part of the UK, overwhelmingly voted to stay in the EU. This could renew calls for Scotland to vote again on whether to remain part of the UK. Scotland has always been fiercely independent and Brexit could be what they see as finally a unifying cause to become free of UK control.

The European reaction is of course that this will cause some issues but they will remain strong as the EU will continue as 27 instead of 28. Other governments world wide remind everyone of the problems that globalization is having but will continue to move forward. Donald Trump of the US said he was ” glad to see the people of the UK chose independence.” Trump being very ant-globalist was in favor of Brexit as he warns of the Globalist One World Government. President Obama of the US has been leading the US into the trade agreements that are used to create this One World government has not welcomed the Brexit news.

Donald Tusk President of the European Council sounding dictatorial reminded the British people and others” until the UK leaves EU law will continue to apply to and within the UK and by this I mean rights as well as obligations.” This statement shows the true nature of the EU and how it governs. The EU council Tusk resides over being all appointees were given absolute powers that allows them to dictate policy and laws to all member states with no recourse by the people.

One of Europe’s most outspoken EU (Globalist One World Government) opponents, Geert Wilders of the Dutch Freedom Party tweeted ” Hurrah for the British! Now it is our turn. Time for a Dutch referendum!” So the questions are plentiful. Will this lead to those political parties within the EU member states to be emboldened and move for dismantling the EU? What will the reaction be from those who back the EU?

The world markets reaction has been to create uncertainty and drop the power of the British Sterling by lowering its value. Everyone must ask why such a quick reaction to something that won’t happen until 2018 at the earliest? As EUC President Tusk made perfectly clear nothing will change until the exit is complete.

The world will most certainly become very unsteady as the Globalist have lost a fight that their egotistical minds believed they never would. Will there be an incident that will distract the UK enough to not even invoke Article 50? Will a plan be put into place that will wait and see the outcome of the American Presidential Election in November? Will the Globalist make another attempt to stop Trumps anti-globalist movement in the US? Will they crash the markets, will they start WWIII? These are the questions as we wait for those of the Globalist One World Government to react. You can bet that the GOWG will not take two defeats in the span of a few months lightly.

Hold on tight everyone this ride has just begun. People are awakening and this is a threat to GOWG completing their plans. The call for freedom has begun and they must not allow it to become any louder. You will witness some of the most tumultuous times in world history as this fight continues.


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