To All Republicans Who Vote Clinton “# U R EXPOSED!”


Ex -Treasury Secretary, Goldman Sachs CEO and Republican Henry Paulsen says he will vote for Democrat Hillary Clinton. He claims she will create jobs and support trade agreements that bolster our economy. What Planet are you on Paulsen? Didn’t you give your buddies billions in  Banker Bailouts while American taxpayers suffered? The trade agreements you claim create jobs is a total lie or are you totally insane?

There comes a time when you read the news and listen to these frauds who claim they are for America, while they steal us blind and you decide that you can’t take it any more. The Globalist Republican Party leadership is showing their true colors and are being exposed for the anti-Americans they truly are. The Republican Party and Democratic Party can stop acting as if they are the rule makers when they are supposed to represent the people. We who call ourselves Republicans or Democrats are the parties not the maniacal thieves that claim they are.

Mitt Romney get lost loser, Paul Ryan you’re a joke , George W and HW Bush, take your crime family and Alistair Crowley’s daughter Barbara and leave, Scott Walker, Ted Cruz time to get on a plane and fly away. Henry “War Criminal” Kissinger take your New World Order and go back to Germany.

The list can go on but how dare that fraud Paulsen tell those of us what Republican Party principals are or should be. To him its to give his fellow thieves on Wall Street every dime Americans have. You Paulsen represent everything that is wrong in this country.

Go vote for the the lying, treasonous, sociopathic, criminal Crooked Hillary Clinton. You are exposing the truth and that is most of you in government are not Republicans or Democrats. You have been scamming Americans long enough you are Globalist who despise our Republic and the people. We are not your slaves, we are the ones who have fought, died, worked and sacrificed for this country. What have you done besides lie cheat and steal?  We don’t want you around any more you are all only helping people understand just how corrupt you all are.

Donald Trump will be good for the people, he may not be perfect but he wants America to remain independent and not to keep losing our rights any longer. Donald Trump is our choice and we will stand behind him as he stands with us. Your Globalist days are numbered so get used to it, you have failed. You will continue to fail if you keep spouting your vile lies. Nobody believes you or your propagandist media as they too have been exposed as the frauds that they are.

Americans are mad and have had enough. Down with you Globalist’s and your agendas. It is 1776 again we are taking our country back to what it was meant to be. We will be free and not endure the lies and deceits any longer. Just as our fellow freedom lovers in the United Kingdom just spoke for liberty against globalism with Brexit. We in America will do the same by voting Trump.


One thought on “To All Republicans Who Vote Clinton “# U R EXPOSED!”

  1. I always say, when asked whom of the choices of presidents would I pick? It’s like trying to decide whether you want to eat dry feces, or liquid feces.. at the end of the day, they are both feces. Lol Trump lies alot, but given our options he’s George Washington in comparison to Hilary, I sincerely believe she needs to be in a straight jacket 20 years ago, she will remove the 2nd amendment, which will enable 1776 redo, and Bernie, I think he’s a good guy deep down, but if you are for socialism, you are for communism.. so I agree on Trump, and we haven’t had a republican in who knows how long, my party affiliation is neither, I’m a Tea Party, Libertarian, Constitutionalist, great piece btw!


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