UK Being Punished for Brexit


By voting to regain sovereignty from the EU Globalist dictatorship the people of the UK are being punished financially. The worlds markets reaction to the Brexit vote shows that the major financial leaders are furious towards not only the British, but gives warning to all that you can’t deny them their domination of the world. Submit to the worlds Elite or suffer the consequences.

As Paul Joseph Watson a journalist for Infowars/prisonplanet warned “everything that goes wrong will be blamed on Brexit.” From the next ISIS led terrorist attack to the financial bubble bursting, that would happen regardless of which way the Brexit vote went. It is not even beyond the Globalist Elite to start a war with Russia and begin WWIII and point to Brexit as the cause.

This vote was an historic event as the EU is the centerpiece of the Globalist One World Government (GOWG). With trade pacts as the cover Globalism was growing. Once the TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) and TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) are in place the Globalist One World Government would be in place. All the nations who have signed on to these agreements would become under the control of unelected councils as they will have uniform regulations, laws and courts. The EU being the blue print.

President Obama of the US was to have achieved this by the end of his second term yet due to negotiations taking longer than expected all was not lost for GOWG.  Hillary Clinton was being set into place to be the next US President and complete the trade deals/ formation of GOWG.

However the people of the US are awakening to these trade deals being a cover for losing their sovereignty and have the unseen success by anti establishment candidates from the right and left of the political spectrum. Bernie Sanders an Independent turned Democrat with Socialist/Communist ideas and Donald Trump a Nationalist/Constitutionalist that crushed all comers during the Republican Primaries. Both Trump and Sanders rejected these trade agreements with Trump calling them what they really are.

For now the world waits as the Clinton/Trump question will be answered in November. In the meantime the GOWG will keep applying pressure on the UK and attempt to make sure that the calls in Spain, Sweden, the Netherlands and other members of the EU don’t follow the UK lead. To those of GOWG who lack a conscious or even souls as money and absolute power is what drives them,  will pullout all the stops to ensure their goal is completed.

Brexit must be completed, Trump must win the US election and more European nations must be willing to leave the EU. The GOWG can’t be allowed to continue to destroy cultures and human desire to be free. All of us must be aware that the GOWG are willing to destroy everything and everyone as like spoiled children mentally they will end the game by taking their ball and go home. We need to show that the game can continue by being more resourceful and unwilling to be bullied. Humanity depends on it.


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