Democrats Calling for Arrests if You Don’t Support Global Warming Hoax


I know its a hoax and they might as well come pick me up now. Global Warming is a massive scheme that will only further enrich the Globalist. Paying carbon taxes isn’t going to stop the natural earth cycles from warming and cooling, It is a natural process. The part you may not be aware of is that they are manipulating the weather. Purposely creating drought in the southwestern US. They have the capability and are using several technologies to warm up the planet to make you believe its you.

I don’t want to hear how a majority of scientists claim its all because of us. Doesn’t anyone realize that those Scientists that agree are doing so to keep their jobs and grants flowing? Follow the money. Because once they make you start paying this carbon tax you won’t have much money left for anything.

I don’t get what so many people are thinking. How can anyone support more taxes? Are you all getting huge pay raises to cover them? Doesn’t anyone see what is going on at all? Have you shut your eyes and ears and just given up? How many times have you heard the words “New World Order” or “Global Economy”? I call it what it is “Globalist One World Government.”

The European Union was the start of it. It all started out innocently enough with a trade deal. It has blossomed today into what we see. A Socialist Dictatorship by unelected members of a Council that run everything from regulations, courts and implementation of laws that they dream up. The countries that belong to this union have no say in these matters. The EU is now thinking of forcing all members to eliminate their own armies and police forces to be part of the EU Army and Police. This is the Globalist One World Government and most Democrats and some Republicans are setting us up to be a part of it.

If we allow the trade deals TPP and TTIP to go through as Obama wants, we will be ruled by a Council of unelected members who will make our laws, run our courts and take complete control of our country. So just keep following these puppets to the Super Elite.

The Ice cap at the North Pole is not receding anymore if it were Florida and Manhattan, New York would be under water. Antarctica isn’t melting away either. There are so many lies being told to everyone yet the evidence is right in front of you. Santa Claus isn’t real and neither is the Easter Bunny. My God please wake up before they destroy you.

They take our freedoms claiming its to protect us yet they seem surprised when there is a terrorist attack. Why can’t that stop them? Could it be that they are the cause or are doing them? They want your guns so they can control you. Why are they limiting and censoring free speech? To keep people who don’t agree or are exposing them quiet. If they are telling the truth there is no reason to keep anyone quiet.

Putting someone in jail for not agreeing on the Global Warming Scam is a bit excessive don’t you think? Its gonna be done to keep the truth about it hidden that’s the only reason to do it. Don’t think your MSM are going to tell you any truths as they are paid off and work for the Globalist.

I can’t believe what’s going on in this once proud nation. Have we forgotten what we stood for? Does any one care that unless we call these Globalist out they will have absolute rule over us. The United States of America will no longer be. Look what’s going on in Europe. The Globalist are threatening to collapse the British economy just because they can. Why? They voted to leave the EU. Proves that the Global Markets are controlled by the whims of the Globalist. Nothing but a scam like everything else they do. What have we done to allow this? What will happen to future generations?


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