Lack of Understanding, End of United States Near

The clock is ticking as Americans watch their future as a sovereign nation disappear with illegal immigration and bad trade deals tearing apart what once was. When we look at everything as a whole nothing is good as the news just becomes worse daily. Our elected officials have failed miserably to do what they had promised or what was expected from them.
Mismanagement, corruption and outright treason is now common place throughout a broken system. From top to bottom our federal and state governments have increasingly sold out the people and their American dream. Our culture, economy, educational system and over all health has declined with each passing day. Yet the American people foolishly continue to reelect the same people with the same answers over and over again causing a vacuum of true leadership.
This didn’t begin 8 years ago or 16 it has been a slow process over decades that has resulted in what we have today. A system on life support as we watch seemingly unable to change the course as we rely on the same methods that got us here in the first place. Our own failure to remember history has made us continue to repeat it over and over. Our lack of understanding exactly what has been done and why is dooming us to failure. Our willingness not to bother to take the time to really look into those we allow to represent us and therefore lead us has been our major fault.
The first thing we have to do is understand that we have allowed these politicians to control what are the issues that really concern us. Not allowing ourselves to be distracted by issues that only matter to a very small minority of voters, while the major issues that involves the entire country as a whole are being ignored.
Our reliance on mainstream news (MSM) sources who are nothing more than propagandist for the people who really control our politicians is a major problem. We fail to understand that this news is full of lies and deceptions that falsely tell you only what they want you to know and therefore believe. A form of mind control that is to easily bought into. We can see any situation unfold right in front of our eyes and as long as the politicians and news media tell us that wasn’t what happened, we form our opinions on what we are told not what we saw or experienced. We unfortunately follow along as sheep never questioning anything further. It truly is the perfect analogy as the dog (MSM & politicians) barks and chases us to the Herder (Globalist) who will do with us as he wishes.
The key is that our leadership are the puppets of the Globalist Elite. Those being the 0.1% at the world level not just America. They have plans to create a one world government that gives them dictatorial powers. Its real and its sadly true as you are watching and feeling it unfold. Why do you think that our freedoms are being removed with each new law that comes out of Washington DC? Why do you think that censorship of certain people and ideas is being done even at the social media level? Its okay to say “Kill Trump” but don’t mention illegal migration or radical Islam. Its okay to label someone a racist or fascist without evidence and claim they use hate speech while spitting upon supporters and being violent towards them.
This is all part of the plan, destabilize a people by dividing them in order to conquer. Our own CIA has been doing this since they came into being in the late ’40’s throughout the world. Causing chaos then ridding into the madness to quell the uprising and appear to be the hero’s. They are now doing it to us by dividing the American people by race and religion, and soon the chaos will become evident when they crash the economic system and cause food shortages.
Many are in denial as they falsely believe these things would never come to pass here in the US. You must look around, open your eyes and ears it is beginning to happen at an accelerated pace. The military is doing drills all over the country training to implement martial law here. Ask why? Its not for overseas as they claim. The local police in major urban centers are being militarized. The demands for tighter and tighter gun control is not to keep you safe from each other it is to eventually disarm you.
Donald Trump who for years has sat amongst these people and heard their plans is the largest threat to them in America. It was not believed possible for him to become the Republican nominee. The Globalist were certain he wouldn’t be able to find a voice with the American people. They miscalculated as it was thought most voters were fully complacent and would just follow along with the same routine. The sheep were quietly being guided before and there was no reason to believe anyone could draw their attention away.
The same held true on the Democratic side as the Independent turned Democrat Bernie Sanders found support from the far left with his so called Democrat Socialist views. The Globalist had to pull out all the stops against both of these men. The rigged system failed on the Republican side however due in part because Trump knew the Globalists tricks. It was the Democrats that had to assure the success of Hillary Clinton’s campaign due to her being the chosen winner of the Presidency long ago. It mattered more that she made it to the election or all the plans would be in danger. The Republican nominee wasn’t going to win 2016 anyways.
Trump has caused a crisis amongst the Globalists as he has made it known that he does not follow their agendas. He does not want to see the end of Americas sovereignty, the Constitution or our culture. The people must understand that if Clinton becomes President we will no longer be able to have any say in what direction we go. As with Bush 41 & 43 Bill Clinton and Obama, Hillary is just another sheep dog running us closer to the Globalist Herder. We will no longer be able to roam free as the Globalist will place us in pens and feed us when they wish and decide our fate.
I’m not telling you a Conspiracy Theory, I am warning you about The Conspiracy just as Donald Trump is. This is all real as you are sitting there witnessing it all unfold. 9/11, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, the EU, the Immigrant Crisis in Europe, the Ukraine, tensions with Russia, our Open Borders, Al Qeada, Islamic State, Venezuela, Terror Attacks, Mass Shootings in US, gun control, 1984 style Newspeak & Surveillance, Censorship, Government Land Grabs, Carbon Taxes, Mandatory Vaccination and Racial Tension is all part of the Globalist One World Government plan to create chaos so they can bring in Martial Law and enslave the masses. You will see the world markets crash and food prices skyrocket and shortages due to the weather that they are manipulating too. Again this is not a Conspiracy Theory, it is The Globalists Conspiracy.


One thought on “Lack of Understanding, End of United States Near

  1. You pretty much hit the nail on the head, with a few misguided ones, food prices will most likely stay the same, but the dollar will become non existent, it’s already worth less than what it’s worth, so having to pay $5 for something that is $1, will be equal to food prices going up, and what America has allowed is the governess of us, the government is to protect our freedoms, and liberty from all enemies, absolutely anything else is unconstitutional, regulations on anything we do is unconstitutional, which means illegal, Donald Trump.. he’s a people pleaser, which means he says one thing and does another to appease everyone, so I can’t trust him, but I also haven’t trusted a president since Jackson, you can’t trust them, but.. the globalist, left, and everything that’s wrong with America and the world hate him, so.. he’s doing something right lol btw I felt like I wrote this while reading it, you channeled me lol

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