Austria’s Constitutional Court Snags Globalist Victory

The Austrian Constitutional Court has ordered another round of voting for the Presidency of Austria citing irregularities. Norbert Hofer who heads Austria’s far right populist Freedom Party gets another shot at the largely ceremonial Presidency of Austria.
This is yet another move that shows a possible swing by European voters from Globalist control and unfavorable feelings about the European Union (EU). The Brexit victory in the UK was the first and has the Globalist scrambling as the tide is rising against them. Anti-Globalist Donald Trump is now leading in many polls in the United States over pro Globalist Hillary Clinton. As with many EU member nations seeing a sudden backlash from the migrant crisis and failing economies Austrians will again go to the polls. 
Hofer will again run against Alexander Van der Bellen who claims to be an independent but is supported by the Austrian Green Party. Van der Bellen supports the European Union and the new call to create a European Super State. Hofer had won the first election on April 24th for President but failed to clinch the 50% plus votes needed. He then fell short to Van der Bellen 50.3% to 49.7% in the run off election of May 22nd. Hover led by 3.8% until postal ballots were added. 
Other anti-EU and anti-Globalist party leaders in France, Netherlands, Italy and Germany will be watching as Hofer is expected to win in a fair election. The beginning of the end of the EU and the eventual vision of a Globalist One World Government is on the horizon however the Globalist still have options left. It is what options they choose that we all must fear as it’s not likely the Globalist will allow their dreams to crumble. To them your wants, needs or wishes are unimportant. 

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