Godfather Bill Clinton Has Sit Down With Loretta Lynch

“Bad optics” former Obama political strategist David Axelrod tweets. As the story breaks that United States Attorney General Loretta Lynch and husband have “social meeting” at the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport with Former President Clinton on her private jet. This was a classic Godfather move on Bill Clinton’s part to remind Lynch who she owes her career to. He had appointed her as the United States Attorney for the Eastern District of New York in 1999.
She admitted the meeting of the 27th of June telling reporters ” Our conversation was a great deal about his grandchildren, It was primarily social and our travels.” Her use of  “great deal” and “primarily” should be noted as an obvious key that despite denials Hillary Clinton’s email investigation and the possible Clinton Foundation investigation were spoken of. Sometimes the Godfather just summons an underling for a quick chat just as a reminder to them of who is in charge. 
This is not the first time that the Godfather called on someone that could topple his Under Boss Hillary’s career. The last time was a private meeting at the White House with President Obama on May 1st 2014. This was just prior to the creation of the House Select Committee on Benghazi. There was no record of this meeting as it was finally found to have taken place by the White House Photographer’s accidental release of a picture of that sit down.
As is well known in Washington the Clinton Crime Family wields a lot of power and they use it. The recent death of former United Nations official John Ashe under the usual mysterious circumstances that seem to follow those that “know too much” when it comes to the Clinton’s. It was determined that he dropped a barbell onto his neck and died of asphyxiation by a crushed neck. He and co-defendant Ng Lap Seng a Chinese businessmen and Clinton confidant who had illegally funded Democrats elections during Bills term as President. Seng and Ashe were set to testify this week about Ashe ilegally receiving 1 billion while UN President. 
Prosecutors were set to connect Ashe to Hillary Clinton. However as seems to have 46 other times someone just happens to have an accident, heart attack or decides to commit suicide. Yet the Clinton’s like the infamous Gambino crime boss John Gotti seem to be coated with Teflon and have escaped even being indicted. Isn’t political corruption amazing? 
On late Wednesday the Justice Department headed by Lynch filed a motion in federal court to delay release of emails until October of 2018 by top State Department officials, that connected the Clinton Foundation to possible money laundering and conflict of interest. US District Judge Rudolph Contreras had previously ordered the State Department to release the requested documents by July 21st 2016. 
Looks as if the Godfather’s sit down worked flawlessly. AG Lynch should be forced to immediately step down. And the Judge should deny the motion otherwise a new case should be opened and Lynch, the Godfather and Judge should be investigated for political corruption. The Clinton stranglehold on our federal government needs to end NOW!


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