Who Are The American Elite That Rule You

Every society has its Elite, whether you live in a Communist Dictatorship like North Korea or you are a member of a tribe within a tropical rain forest in South America. These are the people that have the power over your everyday lives. In some cases the true Elite are not those who govern but are the ones who sit behind the curtain and dictate policy in the shadows. This type of Elitist control is what we see in our so called free societies that have elected officials. Basically giving the illusion that the people have power in the decision making process. 
Our national beginning was guided by the Elite class of the time. George Washington the Father of our country was a man of extreme wealth. His worth by today’s standards puts him at $525 million. The richest President to date by the way. However this was a time when the Colonial Elite decided to break from the European Elite and their rule. Washington, Madison, Hamilton, Jefferson, Franklin, Adams and others all envisioned a system that would be free from the tyranny of the European Elite. 
There is no doubt that our American Elite of the time would thrive but these men gave us the documents to ensure that all who wanted to achieve could. America was not going to be ruled by the same select few families as Europe. Our founding fathers knew of the corruption that limiting power to a few causes. They understood the limitations that this would create and they despised the results they witnessed in Europe and felt here from those few families that ruled.
As time went on the original visions began to dissipate and due to the ability of anyone to achieve great wealth along with political mistakes made in the mid 19th century, we find ourselves again under the influence of the Elite class of Europe and America united.
The men who created great wealth during the late 19th and early 20th centuries such as Rockefeller, Ford, Morgan and others have created the same Elitist class that has ruled in Europe for centuries. The children of these men of wealth were insulated from the masses and grew to believe that their wealth gave them privileges and rights far and above all others. The working man is nothing more than a peasant. He lacks the proper education and upbringing required to be an equal to them.
The Elite have private clubs and groups that they belong to and enjoy the fruits of power within. These groups and secret societies are where they build the lifelong relationships that keep them in power as they look after each other and their goals. Many of these societies have ancient beliefs and most are ritualistic and have satanic themes. The worship of money and power is above all other beliefs and nothing will come between them and this. 
In today’s world the knowledge of who these people are and what they believe and do is becoming more open. The arrogance of these Elitists is well known as they throw it in your face as children would, and bully you because of it. The absolute Elite is not just the old wealth but includes the newly wealthy gained from exploiting technology and knowledge. If you have an ability they can exploit they will allow you membership into one of their groups. If you possess political, economic or even entertainment ability that can be used, they will welcome you into the fold. 
To give you an insight on who the Elite are and how they think, it was fortunate that James Traub heir to the Bloomingdales fortune recently wrote a column for Foreign  Policy Magazine. Some of his remarks were that the Elite must “rise up”against the “mindlessly angry” Ignorant masses. As he fears that globalization will become derailed by the populist revolts in the UK that caused Brexit, and in America where Donald Trump has brought Nationalism to the forefront. Traub sees that Brexit was an “utter repudiation of Bankers and Economists” and that “extremism has gone mainstream.” As the Elite are watching Nationalism rise he warns that political parties “must combine forces to keep out the Nationalist” of America and Europe.
Traub is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) that is a Think Tank for the Elite. Some of the other notable members are former VP Dick Cheney, President Bill Clinton, Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and actor George Clooney. The CFR’s membership includes many within politics, business, Journalism, academia and entertainment. This is considered the second level for the American Elite. The Trilateral Commission would be first. Where Kissinger and Clinton also have voice. 
Above these two levels is the Bilderberger Group who include the European and American Elite. Many believe this to be the real power and rulers of the world. Usually about 120-140 of these Elite gather once a year for a three day series of meetings. The set membership is about 50 the rest are invited to share their insights and knowledge of various issues. There are many groups, clubs and societies that contribute and allow the Elite to command and rule. Basically this is the government within the governments of America and Europe. This is the Globalist One World Government. Your rulers are not just politicians as you can see its the Elitist who have the true say. 
They will rise up as Traub says and you are nothing to them as he also said. You are a thorn in their side and they aren’t happy sharing anything with you. Its an us against them attitude that they have. Once you are no longer needed they will rid themselves of you. The Elitist have no feelings or empathy for your plight, after all it is they alone who have privilege and rights. Money and power is their God. And because they have one or both they believe themselves to be Gods. This makes them very evil indeed.


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