Interview? FBI “Interrogates” Hillary Clinton 

There is a difference in terms just as there was in what was going on for 3.5 hours at FBI headquarters Saturday. Despite the Clinton Campaigns soft sell that somehow the FBI requested Hillary to stop by for a chat or possible job “interview” it was in fact an interrogation for a serious criminal offense(s). And of course the Mainstream Media (MSM) is using the soft pedal ” interview” in their headlines also. Proving beyond doubt that they are nothing more than globalist run propagandist. 
The FBI has invested over a year and thousands of man hours on this investigation. What started as an investigation into Benghazi by the House Select Committee in 2014 soon blossomed into fraudulent use of an illegal private email server. Once this began links to the Clinton Foundation and the obvious pay to play racket became clear. Foreign governments received favorable decisions from the State Department while Hillary was Secretary of State in exchange for donations to the Clinton Foundation.
This entire mess is revealing just how corrupt and how deep the corruption goes in Washington. There are emails between the United States President and Secretary of State on a private server making President Obama complicit. Both were risking National Security and willingly did so. We now know that this server was hacked on several occasions. And its use was continued despite this knowledge. 
FBI director James Comey has in his hands possibly the largest and most destructive case(s) of fraud, treason, corruption and other serious crimes in American history and he will recommend that Clinton and maybe more be indicted. 
However it is now being revealed that Attorney General Loretta Lynch will not proceed with the indictments. Her “social meeting” with former President Bill Clinton was in fact a warning for her to NOT even think about it. Anyone who has followed the Clinton’s since their days in Arkansas knows how well they play the political game. They have been masters of deception and will manipulate others by exploiting weaknesses that they know will keep mouths shut. They don’t play games as they will do and say anything to gain their desired goals. If Lynch does indict you will see a Constitutional Crisis that could bring down the US Federal Government. 
Hillary and Bill know all the secrets and will not hesitate to expose them. They do not care who goes down as this is unimportant to them. These two individuals are the most dangerous people in the world. And unfortunately for the American people the Clintons like it that way. They literally could care less what the body count is.
So what now? If there is no indictments it is possible that we will see many top FBI, State Department and Justice Department officials retire in protest. This will weaken federal law enforcement and our foreign policy administrative capability. Causing a further deterioration of our Republic and the likely hood that corruption will become worse at the highest levels. 
This will be a Globalist victory as they need the United States to fall into line with their plans. Bill, Hillary and daughter Chelsea are all staunch Globalist and with November just around the corner Hillary is needed to further the Globalist agenda. This time in American history just became more dangerous for the lively hoods and freedoms we once enjoyed. Without indictment its up to the American people to not allow the Clinton’s in to the White House again. Your future and the future of the United States depends on it.


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