Donald Trump, America’s Last Hope

The Republican National Committee (RNC) has one more trick up their sleeves to end the Trump nomination in Cleveland. The rules committee will meet 6 days ahead of the convention and create the rules for nomination. Sources are leaking the possible release of all delegates from being tied to the candidates they were chosen to nominate. This will eliminate the primary votes by the people entirely. All Delegates would become Super Delegates and vote as they wish ignoring the peoples choice. This will eliminate any form of democracy left in the presidential election. The Democrats already have stolen the nomination from Bernie Sanders by a similar method. The Republican’s will nominate someone other than Trump and allow Hillary Clinton to walk into the White House.
The people of the United States need to become aware of what is going on and stop being complacent. This is no Conspiracy Theory, its the truth and your lives literally depend on it. If the nomination of Donald Trump is stolen, say goodbye to the Republic of the United States of America. You just experienced the 240th Independence Day and the last if Trump isn’t nominated and goes on to win in the general election. He is the modern day George Washington whether you believe it or not. 
He is the wealthiest person to ever run for President. He is in the Elite class but not a member of the Elitists. He sees the problems that political party’s create as they have become just what Washington had warned. Trump understands more than anyone will give him credit for. As they throw labels upon him that are not true. Twisting words and embellishing his statements. Trump has long warned of a globalist take over and this is why the Elite fear him as he will stop them in their tracks. He is our last hope and the people better wake up.
This is truly 1776 all over again. The Elite who favor globalism are out to destroy the Patriots in America that only seek to be free. As the Elite of Europe did in the 1700’s they again are doing it today. Only this time the majority of American Elite are helping and they have used the freedoms that Washington, Jefferson, Madison and the other original Patriots allowed to conquer us from within. At the same time closing the doors of freedom behind them so that they can centralize their power and avoid anyone from retaking it. Once they eliminate the Constitution as they have been doing and will move to do further its over and our Republic is finished. 
Does anyone even care any more? Or have the Global Elite dumbed us all down to the point of The Walking Dead. Zombies wandering around mindlessly being led by Sociopathic Masters that laugh and sneer in our faces without any response. 
Please someone explain to me how you can not see who the Clinton’s and Obamas really are? All they have done is lie to you and you have done nothing. The Clinton’s are outright criminals and you have the nerve to vote for these people? What does that make us when we support people like this? Exactly what they call us when they gather in luxury while you struggle to pay your bills and just plain survive. “Stupid, dumb, morons and worse.”
You better wake up and listen directly to what Trump is saying and don’t listen to the propagandist news of CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, TYT, or the lies printed by your major newspapers. He is your last hope to save your country from certain death. And mark these words even if Trump becomes President the Globalist Elite will crash the economy as planned. However at least with Trump you won’t have to fear the Federal Government playing a roll in this. They will help us not help to destroy us under a Trump administration.
Take your country back from these Elitist who want to destroy you. And for a change become involved before its too late. Ask questions as to why they are manipulating the weather. Those are not contrails those are chemtrails up there. Spend a couple days looking up and you will see them. Then you will see that on a heavy chemtrail day the blue turns to a milky white in front of your eyes. What the hell are they doing and why? And for all you labeling this a conspiracy theory explain why the numbers of tornadoes has massively declined this year? Bet you didn’t know that they have been using microwaves to destroy the supercell thunderstorms that produce them? There’s your cause of drought by the way.
Vaccines upon vaccines why?  They are not making us healthier and not eliminating multiple deaths. Fact is quite the opposite despite what they tell you. That’s the problem everyone has just sat back and doesn’t question why? You have allowed the Global Elite to gain control and said or done nothing at all. They call people like me a Conspiracy Theorist so you will automatically just ignore what I and others say. So explain why there is ever increasing censorship? Why is there talk of eliminating free speech? Why are they attempting to eliminate gun ownership? Why is due process going by the wayside? Its because of those who are willing to speak out that they are doing these things.
Here is another problem we face. There are five major Banks in the US, well, one is pretty much dead in the water. There will be no “too big to fail bailout” this time as there is no way to cover this. And by the way the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) that is to protect your bank accounts can’t cover them all. 
As the Elite sit around on yachts this summer and sip champagne and talk about what they will pull to destroy us further. They laugh about the rigged stock and precious metal markets that they will crash and profit from. The giants don’t go broke when this happens they do it for profit as the prices fall they pounce like lions on an injured zebra and buy at rock bottom prices. Consolidating more wealth among fewer individuals those being the super Elite. Its your investments and 401k’s that get lost. 
Another question that you must ask yourself is why is the government stockpiling food, fuel and weapons? Do they know something we don’t? You bet they do and you will be the last to know. Like, when it happens. There are 180,000 armed federal employees in the US. That’s more than in the Marine Corps. Most of your major cities police forces are being militarized and you don’t ask why? What are they planning and who will be their targets? 
Food, there is a key to all of this. Think about when you hear of a major snowstorm that is coming and how everyone runs to the grocery store. You’ve seen it and I’m sure you notice that it doesn’t take long for shelves to empty. Since the government is stocking up I believe its best that we follow suit. Buying generators won’t do much good as there is no place for most to store the fuel required to run them. Solar and wind turbines are an option here if you can afford them. But matches and lighters can be stored and at reasonable cost. 
Your precious cellphones will be useless also and the internet will be off as the power will be too. Be prepared for the worst because it is coming either way. The fight for our country and our lives will be determined on November 3rd. You can ignore what myself and others say however the Elite will crash everything down around us despite who wins. If we elect Trump we have the best shot of coming out the other end in pretty good shape as he will make sure our freedoms remain. With a Clinton presidency it will be full on destruction as we lose our liberty and suffer the effects of a Dictatorship run with Communist doctrine. We will become members of the Globalist One World Government and the decline of humanity will proceed.


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