Hillary Clinton Enjoys Support Of Union Bosses

Today’s Washington Post headline “Trump’s anti-trade rhetoric rattles Clinton, Union.” Is your classic propaganda catch phrase as Trump is not anti-trade but he does rattle Clinton and Union Bosses. The lie and some truth is propaganda 101. As anyone who has been listening knows Trump is for trade but as he says “fair trade” and that is what is not happening. 
The AFL-CIO and the United Auto Workers Union Bosses who have long supported any Democrat have again tossed their hats in for Democrat Hillary. The problem is that the rank and file union workers have a different idea this election year. The trade deals of the past (NAFTA) and the ones on the front burner (TPP, TTIP) have hurt unions especially hard. Loss of jobs and stagnant wages has most union workers looking to Trump. As our politicians become isolated from and therefore ignorant of the plight of the blue collar worker so too does the Union Bosses. 
It was the Unions that played a major role in creating the American middle class in decades past. However this has changed as these jobs dwindle in number by the run for the borders by the company’s that use union labor. The ever increasing US regulations from an oversized federal government and smell of huge profit margins due to little regulation and slave labor wages (Ford pays employees in Mexico $5.00 an hour) this trend continues because of  the trade agreements in place. 
The future of the middle class is very bleak and there only seems to be more trouble on the horizon. The globalist economy is killing the middle classes throughout Europe and the US. The plan devised was a “share the wealth” by allowing countries like Mexico to provide their poor with jobs and create an equal playing field between rich and poor nations. What is really happening is that this plan is further dividing the rich and poor. The rich become richer and the (backbone) middle class becomes poor. Trump sees this but most Democrats and Republicans don’t or claim they don’t. 
As long as the propaganda driven Washington Post and other mainstream news outlet’s continue to mix lies with truth, along with politicians like Clinton who have hidden agendas the death of the middle class is imminent. These Union Bosses need to either wake up or step aside as they no longer have the workers best interest in mind either. 


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