The World Laughs As Hillary Clinton Escapes Justice Again

No real surprise as James Comey of the FBI confirms to America and the world that Hillary Clinton will not be charged for multiple crimes. He did let everyone else know that if they did the same, charges would be filed against them. The only thing confirmed is that the level of corruption within the United States government has reached an all time high. 
A quick look at the timeline shows how charges went from immanent to coverup within a two week period. The White House announces that President Obama will join Hillary on the campaign trail at an event on July 5th. The Godfather Bill Clinton delays his departure from Phoenix for a “social meeting” with AG Loretta Lynch on June 27th. The FBI tells reporters not to film or take pictures of the meeting. Lynch tells reporters that she will follow recommendations by those investigating Hillary’s email violations once the story of her meeting Bill Clinton breaks. On Saturday July 2nd the FBI “interviews” Hillary for 3.5 hours. Then on the morning of the July 5th scheduled event that Obama and Hillary had scheduled previously, Comey holds a news conference to admit Hillary violated the law but no charges will be filed.
As is well known two extreme oddities happened with this year long investigation. One being the announcement that Clinton’s IT aide Bryan Palgliano is granted immunity in exchange for his testimony. The second being that the FBI called in Clinton for 3.5 hours for what? They obviously had known no charges were forthcoming at this point. So why the smoke and mirrors? Why was Clinton positive from the start that she wouldn’t be charged? And why did the FBI waste millions of taxpayer dollars and their own man hours for nothing?
We all know that Clinton was guilty, we all know that she allowed top secret emails to be viewed by hackers. We all know that the use of a private server is illegal, we all know she lied claiming there were no top secret, secret or confidential files emailed, we all know she ordered the headers of top secret files to be removed, we also know that she ordered over 33,000 emails to be deleted before turning over the emails as ordered. Yet no charges? We also know that she was aware that her server had been hacked on several occasions.
As this Presidential election year has shown the world that the party’s not the voters choose the candidates. Although Trump’s overwhelming support has overridden the Republican Party’s attempts to remove his nomination to date. Hillary’s was in the bag from the beginning on the Democrat side. The world laughs as they watch all this unfold. As Putin of Russia has said ” America uses an interesting type of democracy.” 
If the American people are so willing to allow this massive corruption to continue then they deserve what is to come. The death of the Republic is near unless the people wake up from the apparent coma they have been in. Hope everyone enjoyed July 4th because its meaning is being altered by corrupt politicians who make us the laughing stock of the world.


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