United States Security/Police State Is A Complete Failure

Since 9/11 the US government has increased its security/police state powers by ignoring most of our constitutional rights. Big Brother watches, listens and reads everything you do. Your emails, texts, phone conversations all being fair game. Cameras everywhere, tracking systems in cars and cell phones. Debit and credit cards tracking purchases, social websites tracking locations. Cellphones, tablets, laptops, desktops and TV’s that have cameras on at all times viewing you in your home, mics picking up conversations. 1984 on steroids.
Of course this is done to protect you or so they want you to believe. In today’s world you can spend more time in the airport going through TSA checkpoints than you spend on the flight itself. The push for more gun control legislation is always at the forefront yet the worst gun violence happens in gun free zones. 
The question is does all of this protect you? If so from what and who? There is no evidence to prove that any of this has stopped crime. Sure the government may claim that they stopped a terrorist attack here and there but we rarely hear of it. Just why is the government watching us so closely? 
The fact is that with all of this 24/7 surveillance being done the system is overwhelmed. They spend too much time watching everyone and therefore missing the real crimes. Those who pushed for all of this have done nothing but blow taxpayer money on nothing more than a complete failure. Maybe its time to take a step back and stop trying to watch everyone and concentrate on the real criminals and terrorists. Do the things necessary to eliminate the problems where they begin. 
The first step would be to secure the borders tightly. This would help eliminate at the least 40% of all crime and make terror attacks from outside sources negligible. Instead of tracking the 80 year old Great Grandmother next door, let’s watch the people who are employed by our government in all areas from directors to the janitors. All elected officials need to be watched 24/7. Its part of the job for these positions of power that need the highest level of security/scrutiny. The Clinton email crimes prove this. 
Police forces around the country have begun systematic executions and these crimes are becoming a major source of concern. The shoot first ask questions later attitude has become the norm. The fact is that the people in public service are acting as if they are above the law and there is nothing more dangerous than that. If riots breakout in Baton Rouge or Minneapolis whose fault is it? 
Time for Americans to be free again and eliminate the corruption with our public servants. They need to be accountable. We need total transparency in government instead of our submitting to them they are by law to submit to us.

The only thing this move into the security/police state has done is enslave the people. We are not the slaves we are the government as the constitution plainly reads ” We The People.” There can be no other interpretation of those three words. 


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