Dallas Sniper “The End Is Coming” Is He Right?

With 5 dead officers and 6 wounded in Dallas Texas in what has been described as a well planned and coordinated attack. Has America begun to implode? This took place as a peaceful protest was winding down in response to the apparent execution style shootings of two black Americans one in Baton Rouge Louisiana and the 2nd in Minneapolis Minnesota.
 Many questions are left unanswered as one suspect said before killing himself  “the end is coming” and “there are bombs everywhere.” A woman was also taken into custody along with two men who had led police on a short chase before being apprehended. Authorities are not even certain if they have all the suspects in custody. With the attack being described as using triangulation of fire it would seem the suspected snipers were either militarily trained or have some connection to this type of training. 
2016 is proving to be heading us towards an uncertain future as worldwide upheaval with the economies of major economic powers failing, mass migration into Europe causing a clash of cultures, the continued wars in Syria and Iraq, China threatening peace in Asia, the NATO buildup in Europe along the Russian border, Radical Islamist attacks in Europe and the Middle East and the possible end of the Republic of the United States from within. We need to ask ourselves “is the end coming?”
I fear the road is only going to become bumpier as we move to the Republican and Democrat conventions coming up. Our entire political and societal futures are in the balance as racial tensions grow due in part to the uncertainty everyone is feeling. President Obama outright lies about the economy and joblessness. His administrations actions have provided the lumber for the coming blaze of emotions. The corruption and mismanagement of all areas within the federal and state governments, along with questionable police training in tactics and procedures. The open borders policy that strains already thinned resources. Massive corruption on Wall Street causing the end to the middle class. 57% unemployment of black youths that give no option on survival but crime. 
The world is watching America. We were once the beacon of hope for the world. The last super power that strived for freedom and justice for all people rich or poor. If we continue on the path that we have been on we fall off the cliff that is in front of us. Without a free and strong Republic of the United States of America the entire world will follow us off that cliff into the pits of Hell.

Update: Dallas Police killed shooter with Robot carrying bomb. Suspect upset at Black Lives Matter and recent shootings by Police. Said he wanted to kill white people. Shooter identified as Micah Xavier Johnson. 


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