Globalist Obama & Clinton, Dividing The United States

With the Dallas shootings now known to be racially motivated. We are experiencing Revolution 101 tactics. Divide the people by race, religion or politically then divide them from the local authorities. This creates chaos that is used by outside agitators to justify an overthrow of the system in place. In the US that means removal of our constitution that protects our freedom from government as this is the system we have.
This is all a Socialist/Communist takeover with the Globalist Elite at the helm. The White House and Federal Agencies are all headed by anti-American individuals that support this destruction of America. Our past 4 presidents have all played a role as they have installed fear within America of unseen terrorist and the use of False Flags to further the agenda. The history we have forgotten and were not taught is where you find it all.
The Elite of Europe were the financial backers of the Russian Revolution of 1917. They also backed Hitler in Germany this time with the help of America’s Elite. There was also an attempt to overthrow the US government during the 1930’s and installing a fascist dictatorship. There is nothing new going on here its just the Globalist Elite playing puppet masters as they try to enslave the world. 
President Obama and AG Lynch have blamed Dallas on the police. They have thrown their support behind Black Lives Matter (BLM) the radically led globalist financed organization created to cause a divide between black and white Americans. One of the slogans for BLM is to kill the police. For any president to support any group that supports this idea is flat out Treason. 
Yes there has been police that have abused their powers and yes they have beaten and killed people for no reason. But the BLM came out of the ashes of Ferguson Missouri where an individual who committed a crime physically attacked a police officer who then in self defence fired his weapon and killed his attacker. Yet most of America is led to believe this was unjustified. Why? Because of incidents like Baton Rouge where the suspect was assassinated. With cameras everywhere when an officer abuses his power he generally is caught in the act. Is there a problem? Yes and it lays at the feet of the police state that has been created by our government. 
The government has created the fear that police have and the fear that the citizen has. Both have it in their minds that its kill or be killed, a war zone mentality. How do we fix this without any more violence and destruction of everyone’s freedoms? We start at the top all the way at the top. From the president down to the city council. We hold our elected officials to the oath all have taken, that is to defend the constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic. We change our attitudes of believing its us against them black vs. white or Latino vs. black or whatever the case may be. 
This is a revolution but the globalist have us fighting amongst ourselves and not the true enemy. They have been brainwashing our children to believe that freedom is bad and the one who is taking it is the guy next door. Colleges and Universities are teaching courses that are based on white privilege as making the minority feel that all white people are evil. They are also promoting Socialist/Communist doctrine. After years of taking God out of the classroom they now are teaching about Allah (God) and trying to convert all elementary and high school children to Islam. Why Islam? Because Islam and Communism are politically natural allies. Both promote world domination and both are against individual freedom. You may question this by claims that communism is atheist. Most are but for now its the two are allied in order to achieve the same goals. Their differences can be sorted out later as they have one enemy in common for now. 
The truth is BLM is being used by the Luciferian Elite as are the Radical Islamists to achieve their Globalist One World Government. They are using everyone against each other to achieve this goal. The open borders and flooding Europe with migrants running away from wars begun by globalist. We are all pawns on the chess board and it is we the people that need to win this game. 
While our attention is being focused on these matters Obama has been poking the Bear in Russia. Europe and the United States have been moving towards war with Russia for no other reason than wanting to achieve the total domination of the world by the globalist. WWIII is closer than you think as mainstream media keeps us distracted. Putin has warned that Russia will defend it self with nuclear weapons. However, NATO keeps amassing troops and missiles along Russia’s borders. So while we begin to fight amongst ourselves our government is threatening to invade Russia and start WWIII. 
All the globalist in our government are now known as they have revealed themselves with arrogance and an unapologetic attitude. Their front organizations have lists quickly available to you online. Council of Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission are there for all to see. The bankers of Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan amongst others. The Bilderberger Group its all out in the open, I beg you to go look and stop being fooled. As Micah Xavier Johnson the shooter told the Dallas Police ” The End is Coming.” 
This is the end unless we wake up and stop being played against each other. Stop believing the lies and deceptions. Vote this year and be sure your candidates are not globalists or anti-constitutionalist. Hillary Clinton is a globalist as her husband and daughter are. You must not allow them to fool you any longer. Ted Cruz who claimed to be anti-establishment was a plant as he was found out. Take America back for this is your last chance.
Our enemies are not each other, they are not the police, they are not your neighbor, they are not white or black or Latino, they are not Christians, Jews or Muslim and its not the rich guy or poor one. Your enemy is the Globalist, the ones who divide you, the ones who want you enslaved, all of you…


One thought on “Globalist Obama & Clinton, Dividing The United States

  1. I personally wouldn’t put a quote from possibly the most tyrannical president we’ve had lol he had anyone who opposed him arrested, and momentarily disbanded the US constitution entirely, or.. maybe it’s good since you’re talking about globalists lol


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