Clinton Foundation, America For Sale

“Done deal make payment to the Clinton Foundation”

Just another Clinton family scam that financially benefits those closest to Godfather Bill and Underboss Hillary of the Arkansas Mob. The most investigated and corrupt political duo ever to hold office in the United States. The American voters continue to fall for their con games as cattle heading to slaughter. With Hillary’s latest run in now behind her it has been proven that our federal government is corrupt from top to bottom. And sadly the Clinton’s are in fact above the law, untouchables as you will. 
Their foundation home page claims to help MILLIONS of people throughout the world. Seems a bit of a stretch when you think about it. The fact is despite billions of dollars donated the claims that the foundation makes don’t quite match up. Daughter Chelsea receives $6 million a year as director and the payroll after that seems large as many are longtime Clinton aides and confidants. There is an investigation beginning now into the foundation as the email scandal revealed some oddities on donors from countries and companies that received preferential treatment by the US State Department.
The Clinton’s have provided a list of donors in a varied range format as it never seems that they are able or willing to give full and complete information on anything. A tactic they have used for years to avoid prosecution. From foreign governments to other foundations to foreign citizens to bankers and corporate backers it is easy to see that the Clinton’s have support from all over the world. The question arises, is this nothing more than a slush fund to receive favorable US government contracts or support from the Clinton Network that heads up the Democratic Party and some Republicans? 
Have we forgotten that it was the Clinton’s who left the White House in 2001 claiming they were broke from paying out so much in legal fees due to their multiple scandals at that time? What started out as a Presidential Library fund soon grew into a multibillion dollar foundation that vaulted the Clinton’s from broke to multi-millionaire’s almost overnight. For two people who never invented anything or created a company that produced anything this rags to riches story is remarkable. 
What has this Clinton Foundation done that brings in billions of dollars in donations? Empowers Girls and Women is one thing it claims. Nice to see all of those foreign governments that keep women from having little to no rights were so willing to donate for this. After all maybe it is these women that need the most empowerment. Nope not happening there. Maybe the foundation can lead by example. Oh yes daughter Chelsea is the highest paid but wait the rest of the women that work at the foundation have smaller salaries than the men in equal positions. Nope not here either. Let’s look at another foundation program.
Haitian relief after the massive earthquake of 2010. Now here we may find some good after all Hillary was Secretary of State and Bill was heading up the foundation efforts and was a special envoy to Haiti for the United Nations. Oh I see they helped 366 farmers to be evicted to create a industrial zone to give the Haitian people jobs. The plan was for 60,000 jobs. Sadly only 5,000 were created and most of those were to be minimum wage yet weren’t. Nice to see Clinton friend Warren Buffet made out though, as his Berkshire company was paid to provide trailers for the homeless Haitians. Same types of trailers that FEMA got for Katrina, formaldehyde included free of charge. Okay this too is not good, let’s try another.
The Clinton Health Access Initiative, a vaccine program in Africa. Now here we have something, wonder what made the Clinton’s think of this? Could it be that Merck Pharmaceutical donates to the foundation and in turn makes millions on the sales of vaccines? Just a coincidence right? Seems to be a pattern developing that if you donate to the foundation you can get a financial gain out of it. More of an investment than a donation from the kindness of your heart. The tax break is nice for all involved also. Let us try looking into the big donors instead of the programs.
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation at least 25 million, this small donation brings in a lot of connections to say the least. Monsanto and GMO food is one, the geo engineering of mosquitoes that many believe is the cause of the Zika virus outbreak in South America. Bill Gates is on record as being pro eugenics as his father was. Although he backed off of this admission recently it is doubtful this has changed. Very pro globalist.
Frank Giustra the billionaire mining financier and entertainment mogul from Canada. Close to Bill Clinton as their joint foundation donated 25 million on top of Franks 25 million. Mining has become a volatile subject as our western states have been overrun with so-called national monuments, that is land used to grant access to mining companies for the natural resources such as uranium, gold and silver. Hillary handed out many leases for this while Secretary of State. The land grabs by the federal government are in question as it has resulted in the murder of Lavoy Finicum a rancher who was trying to awaken people to this situation.
So it appears evident that when a Clinton is involved there are many shady dealings at hand. Something is bound to be behind most donations as a favor and profit is sure to follow. The stories abound about weapons agreements tied to donations, speeches on Wall Street for donations yet campaigning for the little guy. Speeches that are at pay levels that are obviously more than just a speech. Hillary claims she is for women yet takes millions from people and governments that abuse women. They claim to be friends of Black America yet signed bills into law that put more blacks into the prison system for nonviolent offences under mandatory sentencing. Bill Clinton gave us NAFTA that eliminated 60% of our industrial base and wiped out the middle class. Hillary is now claiming she is against the TPP but be assured she will back it if elected and the remaining 40% of industrial jobs will be gone. 
Well America its up to you this year, maybe just once you can trust the Clinton’s. This time she might not lie about anything after all the Clinton’s are above the law. As President she can just email our enemies direct no sense in making them have to hack the server. Why do I see Bill Clinton at the UN soon possibly the top guy there. After all that is the plan isn’t it? Bill heads the UN and Hillary is President of The North American Union, Oops USA. Did I just misspeak? Are you sure?


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