WWIII-Obama, Clinton or Trump Russian President Putin Wonders Who Will Start It

As we are distracted by the recent events at home, mainstream media ignores the problems growing in the South China Sea and Eastern Europe. The crisis in Syria has been put on the back burner as has the Brexit issue and what the EU will ultimately do in response. The civil war in Libya continues and much of Africa is unstable at best. Venezuela’s self implosion has been ignored since it began and is now spilling into Colombia as Venezuelans seek food. The Olympic games in Brazil appear to be still on, only at those who participates own peril.
The world is in turmoil and unfortunately this type of situation gives way to World War. Man has yet to figure out how to correct problems without using war as the fix all. Since the dismantling of the Soviet Union the United States has been the sole Superpower. The job required strong leadership by our Presidents, however each one that has held office the past 28 years has shown no such ability. And with the Obama administration there is none as he lacks the fortitude to lead and just seemed more interested in taking apart our Republic piece by piece. Besides calling for more gun control Obama seems worried that trans gender’s should be able to use whatever bathroom they wish. He even denies that Radical Islams exists. After all he claims the economy and employment picture is great. Whatever planet he’s seeing this on, it certainly isn’t here. As Russian President Putin has said ” the United States is the only Superpower and yet doesn’t act like one.” Adding “I wish they would.”  A clear signal that our status in the world is viewed by others with dismay.
Our military has become smaller than it was before WWII, Obama purged the leadership by quietly having many top Generals and Admirals retire. Our foot soldiers report that they are fighting ISIS and Al Qaeda in Iraq and the enemy has our latest weaponry and our military does not. What is wrong with that picture? As Putin and everyone in the Middle East knows the US and some NATO allies provided the terrorist with these weapons. Our technicians and maintenance personnel who are short handed must cannibalize equipment just to keep some working. Our troops are so thinned out that there would be no way to defend ourselves in a major confrontation without using nuclear weapons. And again Putin has said “If forced I will use nuclear weapons.” 
The EU and US helped overthrow the pro Russian government in the Ukraine and also have interfered in Georgia and Crimea. We just keep poking and prodding as if we want to engage Russia and have a nuclear war. Someone in Washington and Brussels believes we can defeat Russia in this type of war. They don’t seem to care about the massive death tolls that could reach the billions. Worrying about Global Warming would be forgotten as the entire northern hemisphere would be radioactive for decades. 
The Chinese have slowly and quietly built a force to be dealt with while the US paid for it. They have built an island fortress in the South China Sea and now sit poised to attack Vietnam, Taiwan or anyone else in the area. They have been flexing their muscles as if telling the world they are willing and able to take on all comers. 
The world is sitting on a powder keg and the United States has no leadership ability at all. We are one spark away from Armageddon. Does Hillary Clinton have what it takes to end this threat? “No” says Putin he believes she will take us into war. After all you can bet both the Russians and Chinese have read all the emails including those the FBI claims they can’t retrieve. The ones that were deleted by Clinton’s lawyers who now know state secrets. This leaves Trump who causes Putin to smile when he hears the name as he believes that a President Trump can be a strong leader for the United States. Putin like Trump can see the danger we face in America as our leaders push us into a Globalist One World Government. He must sense that the fall of our Republic will cause a global disaster as the world would have no one left to allow anyone sovereignty including Russia. 
Putin has been noted to speak in private of his utter astonishment on why the American government is destroying its own Superpower status and economy. He like others not under the globalist spell wonder if the American public will ever awaken in time and realize what is going on? 


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