If Black Lives Matter What About The 2,000 In Chicago?

As the Police are given the blame for the killing of Black Americans, Black Lives Matter (BLM) activists ignore the numbers of Black on Black shootings and killings. Those numbers are over 1,000 times higher nationwide than police involved killings. Where is the outrage? Where are the reports? Why is this not being brought to light? If those who head the BLM truly cared about black lives they would be working to end these killings also.
The BLM organization is being funded by George Soros the Hungarian born Nazi collaborator billionaire and other supporters of a globalist takeover who feed on chaos and destruction. Soros has a long history of involvement in participating in government overthrows in Europe and now the United States. There are 6 active warrants in Europe for his arrest for his what appears to be sick hobby and desires. He is protected by those in political power as he contributes large sums to left leaning globalist politicians for their election campaigns. 
The leaders of BLM have an agenda as they warned in early spring of this year. They called for a “Summer of Chaos.” And due to the latest two police killings of Black Americans BLM has promoted the killing of whites and police. BLM ignores the killings of Blacks by Blacks. They offer no solutions as they only seem to want more confusion and chaos. As they are instructed to do by their globalist handlers.
The police killings in Bath Rouge and Minnesota of Black American men has ignited and inflamed many across the country. The killings of officers in Dallas  along with shootings and attacks elsewhere in the US can not be condoned by any sensible individual. President Obama while in Warsaw Poland blamed the police and made the case that BLM’s slogans of hate and killing of whites and police officers was but a few and you can’t condemn the BLM movement as a whole. He fails to make the same point about the police. Hillary Clinton also supports BLM. Yet again what about Blacks killing Blacks where is your outrage? Where are your solutions, Obama and Clinton?
We have a huge problem as we teeter on the possibility of an all out race war. The fact is nobody looks at the real causes or offers any viable solutions as the chaos grows. We have all seen videos of police brutality and out right murder. But nothing concrete is ever done and the reasons behind this cold blooded mindset is not addressed. In January a white man Lavoy Finicum was murdered with his hands up by Oregon State Police and the FBI. Where was the outrage? Where was the call for something to be done to end this type of tragic misuse of authority? Anyone of any race can and is shot and killed by the police. Its not just Black Americans. A vast majority of these killings are justified yet anti-american activist use all cases as justification to protest and incite hate and further violence.
There is so much to be done to end the small number in reality of police over reaction. The police lack the proper training, with the failed to follow commands as the excuse it is not a justification to kill someone or even beat them. There was a deaf homeless man gunned down because he failed to follow the commands of an officer as he continued to walk away. Was this justified? The officer didn’t know the man was deaf and the man didn’t hear the commands. Who is at fault? It was the procedure that should be blamed. It is the procedure that needs to be changed. 

The police are under extreme pressure today as they are trained to constantly be bringing in money for the system by being instructed to pull over vehicles for any minor infraction such as a tail light being out or broken, being called to a domestic violence issue or armed robbery in progress. They may get a call of shots fired or a man wielding a knife. The job of a police officer is intense and extremely dangerous. If you honestly look at the numbers of calls and incidents and compare that to the number of unjustifiable shootings or beatings by police it is truly amazing that there are not more.
There needs to be true leadership and calm individuals to develop solutions to all issues. One of the major causes of crime is unemployment and underemployment. The government has continued to allow trade deals that eliminate jobs for everyone and has hit the black communities the hardest. The drug problems also have contributed heavily to crime. The entire blame rests solely in Washington as the federal government has failed everyone. From failed programs that only kept the poor poor to unsympathetic laws that create hurdles that limit the possibility of ever climbing out. 
BLM is right when it says something is wrong, the majority of those things are not the fault of who they blame however. Its not their fellow Americans, White, Black, Latino or whoever. Its the Elite and the globalist that promote division. Its the mainstream media that only works as a propaganda tool for them. Its the destruction of society by taking freedoms away. Its the Federal Reserve system that creates debt at every level. 
We have gotten away from the principles that made us the country that the world looked up to. The people of Africa, South and Central America, Asia and Europe dreamed of coming here because of the freedom we once had and the possibilities we offered. Our southern border problems are still a testament to this. The question is now why anyone would come here? As we are becoming exactly what the migrants were running from in the first place.
It is time that the BLM concentrate as to why Black Americans are killing each other. Its time for our local Police Departments to instruct officers to engage with words and respect by getting out of the cars and getting on the streets and to stop viewing everyone as a potential criminal or threat. Its time for us all to wake up and really look at who it is that is creating the divisions. We don’t need more federal control, we don’t need more laws. That is one of our problems. Fixing ourselves and adjusting our attitudes is what’s needed. Clearing out of those politicians that we elected or allowed to be elected by nonparticipation is key. 
Join together and create solutions that are real, unlike those coming from Washington. Force Washington to stop spending on those things that only are used to enslave us all. Demand jobs that pay a living wage, schools that teach and allow children to think and create not memorization of only those things they want children to believe. This isn’t about the police or BLM its about us all. 
Those things we need to change start with ourselves then we can make the move together. Black Lives do matter as does the quality of those lives. These leaders of BLM need to ask themselves how by creating chaos this will improve anyone’s quality of life? Do the things that will help, and stop doing those things that hinder all lives. We need the BLM, the Police, the Patriotic movement and everyone else to join together and stop the real threats to us all. That being the Elite and the Politicians who created this mess as they remove our jobs, feed us GMO foods, over vaccinate our children, put poison in our water, spray the sky with chemicals and toxic metals, promote war after war, removal of freedoms that were assured to us by the Constitution and Bill of rights and most of all was put into place to limit government interference and intrusion into our lives. 
President Obama and Hillary Clinton have done nothing to date to help any Americans quality of life. Under the first Black President, Black Americans as have all Americans have watched and felt his policies of globalization further deteriorate our quality of life as a nation, as he continues the globalists agendas that promote enslavement of us all. Clinton will only continue this trend as her true track record shows. 
Let’s ask why Micah Johnson the Dallas shooter who joined the military and was sent overseas to one of those war zones that were intentionally created, leaving as an engaged extrovert personality only to find troubling behaviours within his time of service, then returns as a introverted angry loner who felt that murder was his only option. Explore this question and many answers will become known as to why we are where we are at today.  


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