Bernie Sanders Burns Supporters Joins Establishment Clinton

Mr. Anti-Establishment Socialist Democrat Bernie Sanders hops into bed with everything he was against or so he claimed. He joins Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Wall Street and the rest of the establishment in support of “The most corrupt politician ever” in his own words. After being cheated out of the Democratic nomination by the establishment, Sanders waves the white flag and joins his enemy. This is a complete sellout of all of his supporters that believed in him and his promises. 
This years primaries was perhaps the most intense as it became clear that the Democratic party was not going to allow Independent turned Democrat Sanders to be its nominee. Clinton was never in doubt as voter fraud and delegate manipulation proves that voters don’t matter. Sanders who vowed to make America a socialist style democracy and was against the trade deals TPP and TTIP, that would place us firmly in the hands of the Elite, in the end joins those he claimed to despise. His millions of supporters who backed Sanders with their hearts and minds were quite simply thrown under the bus. The Sanders led revolution is forever dead in the water as it captain abandoned ship leaving the crew to fend for itself.

Sanders has proven to be everything he claimed to be against and he showed that despite his ability to rally followers he himself is an ineffective leader. He allowed the Party to dictate the rules of engagement against him and put up no fight when it was obvious to all what was going on. The signs were there early on when BLM activists took the podium and microphone away from him he just turned and walked away. His followers failed to understand that this was a sign of things to come. His inability to lead and take control was demonstrated in that moment. 
So what now? Do these Sanders supporters follow him to backing the establishment? Do they too hop in bed with Goldman Sachs and Wall Street as Bernie has? Do they rubber stamp the corruption in politics that they all claimed to be against? Do they follow Bernie over the cliff as lemmings and allow their movement to die? The questions are many and of course crooked Hillary is claiming she now supports many of Sanders policies. Will they believe that Clinton will do any of these things? After all wasn’t it Sanders who said “The most corrupt politician ever?” 


2 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders Burns Supporters Joins Establishment Clinton

  1. It’s childish thinking to believe there is no difference between Clinton and Trump. I voted for Sanders too, but the thought of that narcissistic dullard, Trump, making SCOTUS appointments is reason enough for me to vote for Hillary.


  2. I didn’t vote for Sanders, just made what was the obvious points about him. I’m 100% Trump as I do not support those who willingly commit treason. America comes first and I do not support globalism as Clinton does. Thanks for the comment we all still have some right to free speech left.


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