Trump, Republicans and Cleveland Ready for Convention

The long awaited Republican National Convention promises to be something to remember. Will the Party’s establishment try to pull off a last minute steal from the populist Trump? Or will they come to the realization that the people have spoken and in fact the Party belongs to them and not the Party Bosses as in the past? Trump being the professional promoter who has made his living being able to have others follow him promises a “Big Show”. 
Trump as always is keeping his VP choice under wraps as he promises to reveal who it is Friday. Speculation abounds but as those close to Trump know only he makes the final decision and until he does nobody will know for certain. Despite what many believe, Trump does not make important decisions on the fly. He will study the pros and cons of each possible choice and listen to those inside and outside of his campaign before he makes the final call. 
He wants to unify the Party behind him but not by giving away his message as he is not known to break promises that he has made. He also will not allow the Party Bosses to dictate to him as they did Ronald Reagan by forcing G.H.W. Bush upon him in the late night meeting of the 1980 RNC. Trump will run the country as he has in building his business by being firm yet fair and always willing to listen. Trumps take no prisoners attitude is what got him here and it will be what takes him into the White House.

The City of Cleveland has a monumental task ahead also as it is already known that not only will there be a Big Show inside of the convention there will be one outside as well. Cleveland’s police force of 500 will be supplemented by 2,500 officers from around the country. They also just made major purchases of riot gear with a 50 million dollar grant from the federal government for the convention. They will have the courts running 20 hours a day to expedite the process for those arrested. 
Every type of group is expected from black separatists to white supremacy organizations, environmentalists and anarchist. There will also be Trump supporters expected in the thousands. The New Black Panther Party has vowed to attend with weapons as Ohio is an open carry state. The fact that they have said they will be there armed is of concern due to the diversity of protesters and supporters. With professional agitators also sure to attend this could be explosive. 
George Soros’s Black Lives Matter will be there as this is the type of situation Soros relishes. The BLM leadership met privately with President Obama in the Oval office on Wednesday so it will be interesting to see what orders were handed down. Many believe this could turn into a massive riot that could play into the Globalist Obamas hands for Martial Law to be invoked. With False Flag after False Flag being engineered recently to incite these groups into violence Cleveland is sure to be something to watch. 

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