July 15 2016, The World at War, Collapse of Civilization

Nice France and 84 dead is just another sign that civilization and the world is at the brink of the war to end all wars. Syria, Kenya, Bangladesh, India, Sudan, Libya, Ukraine, Iraq and Venezuela are just a few of the conflicts, terrorist attacks, national implosions being witnessed in 2016. Crime rates rising, racial tensions and failing economies in Europe and the United States. The Chinese government telling its Army to prepare for war and Russian President Putin trying to awaken the people of Europe and the United States that war is imminent as NATO begins its military buildup in eastern Europe. 
While Americans have just seen that their government is massively corrupt as Hillary Clinton gets a pass for knowingly allowing state secrets to be accessed. That mainstream media is not telling the the truth about the world or any subject like vaccines, chemtrails or climate change. President Obama’s false claims that everything is going well on the employment front and economy when in fact both are in critical condition. 
Americans found out this year that Clinton’s Democratic nomination was decided well before the primary season even started. In turn it revealed that this has been the process for as long as anyone can remember. For years many had given up on voting as it never mattered who became president nothing they say during their campaigns ever really happens. The MSM guides the elections by using lies and deceptions against anyone who threatens to stop the already selected next president. As they are now as Donald Trump is being called a racist, sexist or anything negative without any evidence.
Americas educational system is no longer teaching, instead indoctrinating children in preparation for a One World Government. Most Americans are totally in the dark on most of what really goes on around them. Social media and internet providers are censoring the truth only adding to the dumbing down of America and all of humanity.
It is a tragedy that the 21st century is not the beginning of a new more humane world. It is in reality the collapse of humanity and what could be, all guided by a few who think it all belongs to them. All because man won’t use the power of thought and knowledge we are capable of. Nothing more than sheep being guided by the dogs towards a certain end, as we too seem incapable of thinking for ourselves and have been programmed to believe everything we have been told. Its not the puppet masters fault like the Rothschilds or Rockefellers, its not their puppets like Clinton or Obama it is our own fault for not believing in ourselves and our own hearts and minds. We are failing ourselves and each other.


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