Turkey’s False Flag, Coup Attempt Ochestrated by Erdogan

As the world watched with concern and fear of the unknown a portion of Turkeys military ran a drill that the government claimed was a hostile Coup. Tanks and helicopters were used to make the people believe that the military was taking control of Turkeys government. Turkish President Erdogan and Prime Minister Binaly Yildirim are most likely behind the plot to fool the people into allowing Erdogan to consolidate more power.
The Turkish government is now rounding up supposed suspects and calling for the extradition of the Muslim Cleric Fethullah Gulen from the United States. Gulen has lived in the US since a self imposed exile in 2014. Gulen is anti-Muslim terrorist and has said “No terrorist can be a true Muslim”. He also is against Turkeys involvement in the Syrian Civil War. Gulen also believes that all faiths from the book should work together and not against each other. 
It has been reported that Turkey has cut the power and suspended flights in the airspace to the US /NATO Incivlik Airbase that has 60 nuclear warheads on station and is a major point for air missions against ISIS. Erdagon said to a crowd gathered to hear him speak “I call on the United States and President Barack Obama, either arrest Fethullah Gulen or return him to Turkey,” he also added. “If we are strategic partners or model partners, do what is necessary.”  Despite being NATO allies it is known that Turkey has been involved in allowing ISIS to move freely in and out of Turkey and selling oil with Edorgan’s sons help. So what will the Obama administration do? Fall for this closing of our military base, holding our nuclear weapons and personnel hostage until we give him what he wants?
Edrogan has made statements that he would like to create another Ottoman Empire with him as its leader. He has been purging his military and government plus journalists he calls terrorist. He claims to be against ISIS however he shows signs of being committed to the same form of Islam that crosses the religious/government divisions. He also played a vital role in allowing migrants to enter Europe via Turkey. His true designs or his vision of the worlds future is of concern to all. 
The days and weeks to follow will show the truth. As of now Erdogan is arresting all those he claims to have been involved. The question is “in what?” As it appears to be nothing more than a man who created chaos in order to grab more powers and eliminate all opposition. Again we see the weakness that the United States has, as what’s believed to be an ally is in fact an enemy who sees himself as leading the Islamic goal of world domination. Its time for us to identify his allies in the west and remove them from power. Since we still can vote, it wont be long for that to end also. This is all part of the Globalist One World Governments agenda. 


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