All Quiet In Cleveland As The Republican National Convention Begins

Sunday night was quiet as just a few protesters from Black Lives Matter (BLM) and other groups did dry runs with no incidents reported. The Cleveland Police wearing full body armour and many riding bicycles were on hand and showed the ability to move quickly and keep the situation in control. It was believed that the body cams, that were thought to not be available when officers were outfitted in riot gear, were in fact mounted on the helmets. 
Today is the first day of the convention and more groups and protesters should be pouring in. Everyone hopes that the police have things contained and that no serious episodes erupt. Despite this being very unlikely as the shooting and murders of Police officers in Baton Rouge has created tension among the officers throughout the country. Many officers feel the Obama Administration has contributed to these attacks on police. So Cleveland will be watched closely as the numbers of protesters increase and the chance of violence escalates.
Infowars founder Alex Jones had a huge Hillary for Prison banner flown over and through Cleveland to the delight of many onlookers. We will just have to hope the atmosphere stays almost festive. Alternative news sources are in abundance and will as always be right inside the action outside of the Convention being held inside the Quicken Loans Arena. The Mainstream Media will keep their distance outside and do their spin of events both inside and outside. You can find good alternative reporting from Infowars, We are Change, Dahboo77 and others online and through YouTube. These sources usually plant themselves right into the crowds and protests allowing you to have the best chance to witness the true happenings. 
Inside the RNC the anti-Trump forces will again attempt to create problems as they want to steal the nomination from the Trump-Pence faction. Paul Manafort, Trumps top campaign advisor is a skilled convention battler who should shut down all opposition easily. Today’s theme will be “Make America Safe Again” and some of the notable speakers include former Texas Governor Rick Perry and Melania Trump who will take to the stage as well as Constitutional Sheriff from Milwaukee David Clarke Jr. Benghazi combatants, actor Scott Baio and Reality TV star Willie Robinson from Duck Dynasty and others. You can download an app for the RNC for full details.
So we just sit tight and let the show begin and see what happens. This promises to be one of the most important events in the US and may show us where we are headed as a nation. 


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