Erdogan Continues to Arrest Opposition, Solidifies Control

As suspected the Turkish AKP led government is rounding up anyone suspected of being a threat to Erdogan and his President for life status. It has been well known that Erdogan a Muslim wishes to create a New Ottoman Empire that uses a form of Sharia Law. This past weekends failed Coup whose true leaders seem unknown, Erdogan claims it is the cleric Gulen who is in self imposed exile in the United States. Gulen exposed the massive corruption in Turkeys so-called Democracy under the AKP led by Erdogan before fleeing in 2014. 
The numbers of those arrested has reached 6,000 plus and include high ranking military officers, judges and prosecutors among others who Erdogan feels are threats to him. This Coup attempt is appearing more and more to have been staged by Erdogan himself to be used as justification to eliminate his internal opposition. There are renewed calls to reinstate Turkeys death penalty to silence the claimed conspirators for ever. 
The joint US/Turkish NATO airbase Incirilik was closed and 1,500 US Servicemen stood down, latest reports claim the base is operational again as the Turkish Commander was also arrested. This base has 60 nuclear weapons and is a point of attack in the war on ISIS in Syria and Iraq. Erdogan has long been a supporter of those forces opposed to Syrian President Assad. Part of what Gulen exposed was Erdogans support for ISIS and Al Qaeda in their attempt to oust Assad. 
The United States and European Union who make up NATO seem reluctant to voice opposition against Erdogans establishment of an Islamic Caliphate among them. As the US quietly negotiates to hand over Gulen showing the true nature of the Obama Administration. The people of Turkey seem to support this ploy by Erdogan despite the ethnic and religious differences within Turkey, they move closer to the Turkish Ottoman Islamic State Erdogan has always envisioned. 


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