Donald J. Trump Wins Republican Nomination, GOP Begins to Heal

With the Trump nomination now official the GOP begins to focus on the Progressive Liberals and “Crooked” Hillary Clinton. “Lock her up” was heard throughout the night in Quicken Loans Arena as the new battle cry rallied the delegates. Donald Trump Jr. a New York delegate was given the honor of putting his father over the top, adding “we love you dad.” 
Dr. Ben Carson who is widely believed to become a part of a Trump administration referenced Lucifer when speaking about Clinton. It has long been rumored among Washington insiders that Hillary Clinton belongs to Lucifarian Cult. Carson spoke of America being a nation of God and the need to keep it that way despite the years of the left removing God from America’s vocabulary. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie held court as he asked the delegates whether Clinton was guilty or not guilty of breaking laws to her lack of judgement. 
Two of Trumps children spoke to the convention as youngest daughter Tiffany and oldest son Donald Jr. gave insight to who Trump is as a father and business man. After months of negative and at times flat out false claims by the media and Democrats the Trump campaign is allowing people to hear about the real Trump, the family man and the soft hearted one who has given of his time and money to those in need. 
Paul Ryan who has been at odds with Trump told the convention “Only Donald Trump and Mike Pence offer a better way.” As he helps heal the division in the party. Other Republicans who are tied to the Globalist agenda such as Ohio Governor John Kasich, Mitt Romney and the Bush family still refuse to attend the convention or give the Trump/Pence ticket their endorsement. Former Bush VP Dick Chaney and Known known Donald Rumsfeld have given their endorsements however. Rumsfeld has said “you have to look at the movement of disgruntled Americans and know that its the right path to follow”. He has also said that he too has said many of the same things Trump has said about NATO and other issues.
The protests outside have remained uneventful as the Cleveland Police and other departments who have sent officers, along with the notable presence of federal agents have done a masterful job of keeping control to date. Two more days to go yet, it seems as though the chaos promised by the protesters has failed miserably. 


2 thoughts on “Donald J. Trump Wins Republican Nomination, GOP Begins to Heal

  1. the failed chaos outside the arena may also have something to do with the tens of thousands of peaceful bikers who came to town…you know….the BFT….Bikers For Trump!


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