Ted Cruz Fails To Endorse Trump Loyalty To Globalists More Important

As Day 4, the last day of the Republican National Convention begins, headlines from newspapers nationally and abroad seem fixated on the fact that Ted Cruz didn’t endorse Donald Trump during his speech last night. These mainstream news sources claim that it shows that there is a division within the Republican Party. As a matter of fact there is, and its the Globalist wing. The Bush Family wing that is tied to the Democrats and Hillary Clinton, against the Trump “America First” wing. 
Since Ronald Reagan, we have seen the Bush, Clinton, Bush and Obama Globalist working on destroying America’s sovereignty and strength and joining the One World Government. The agenda is the same by both Democrat and Republicans who support this idea. Ted Cruz who claimed to be anti- establishment is in fact from this faction in the Republican Party. This faction was ready to lose to Hillary Clinton as the presidency was promised to her long ago by those of the shadow government. The Puppet Masters that include the big banks like Goldman Sachs (Ted Cruz’s wife Heidi’s employer) who controls Hillary Clinton and many of our politicians both Democrat and Republican. 
Donald Trump surprised the Republican faction by steamrolling this years Republican hopefuls whom were meant to lose to Clinton. Trump was not supposed to win the nomination and wasn’t taken seriously at first. The Globalist failed to realize that many Americans are no longer willing to follow their lies and deceit. Bernie Sanders surprised the Democrats also, and only by using fraud and manipulation did they hold back Sanders. It became clear that Sanders lacked any leadership skills or the ability to fight against the Clinton Globalist Machine. He ended up folding to the pressure and sold out his followers.
Many of the Republican Globalist have moved back to listening to the people and have come to realize that a One World Government may not be the answer. A rebuilt strong independent America is beginning to sound better than the Socialist unproductive piece of a global government. Those who have been part of the process may have seen the light. Why join a One World Government when you have a society able and willing to rebuild the great American industrial base that allowed us to become the leaders of the world? 
Ted Cruz and his Globalist backers are out of touch with what Americans are willing to tolerate. He can make speeches saying all the right things but his true nature has been exposed. This presidential election year is America’s Brexit vote. Vote Trump/Pence and let us return to our original roots. Stop being fooled by the Globalist Agenda and the liars and criminals who are nothing more than their puppets. 


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