Promised RNC Protests Fail To Make Impact

Black Lives Matters and RevCom showed up in Cleveland but lacked the numbers and were out maneuvered by the US Secret Service and the Cleveland Police with help from other departments within and outside of Ohio. This was a huge fail by those who wished to create chaos in the streets of Cleveland, and disrupt Trump’s nomination. This shows that despite funding by George Soros and other anti-American elements these groups have less support from the average American than MSM would have you believe. Just as MSM makes you believe other non truths. 
There was one minor incident that occurred when RevCom who helped incite the Ferguson Missouri riots in 2014. Set an American flag on fire that resulted in the arrest of several members along with minor injuries to a few and those who tried to stop it. Besides some heated discussions there was nothing even close to chaotic situations as Cleveland remained quiet for the four day RNC.
Most of the excitement happened within the confines of Quicken Loans Arena. A minor disagreement on the rules led by Globalist Ted Cruz supporters was quickly shut down on day one. Claims of plagiarism by Melania Trump in her speech on day two was nothing but MSM spin as the so-called plagiarism was about common values expressed by millions. 
Day three brought a speech by Texas Sen. Ted Cruz who failed to endorse Trump for no reason other than his Globalist alliances including Goldman Sachs and the Bush family who all are Clinton cohorts. Cruz may have ended his political career with his show of loyalty to his Globalist Masters. Day four went without incident other than more MSM spin that Trump doesn’t explain how he will do as he promises. As always this is not true and what MSM and Clinton refuse to acknowledge is that by Trump saying what he will do simply and straight forward is the plan. Change the direction we have been on as a nation. 
The media was involved in a couple of incidents however, Milo Yiannopulos a Breitbart journalist and outspoken Conservative Gay activist had his Twitter account shut down. Milo confronted Twitter executives about this asking if they believed in freedom of speech. The Twtter execs refused to answer and fled the area. Infowars founder Alex Jones was physically attacked outside by Communist protesters, police intervened quickly and rushed Jones to safety. Inside he was setup by the far leftist, The Young Turks (TYT), asked to come join the show Jones gladly went only to be verbally and physically assaulted again. Cenk Uygur ripped Jones’s microphone from him then shoved Jones back. What the Globalist Left couldn’t accomplish outside they attempted inside. Censorship, bullying and lies is what they do best.
Next week the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia Pennsylvania will play out. This will showcase Hillary Clinton and her globalist views that are based upon lies and altered truths. Thousands of Sanders supporters have said they will be there to protest the steal then Sanders betrayal by endorsing Clinton. This convention may have the fireworks that never happened in Cleveland.


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