Trump Accepts Nomination Speaks Honestly Of His Vision

Donald Trump ended the Republican National Convention the way he began his campaign last June, by telling the American people the truth. Something the Establishment doesn’t do or even attempt. Trump made it clear that if elected he will move America away from the Globalist control we now suffer from. Trump made it clear that all Americans would come first under his administration. The days of incompetence in the White House and in Washington would end. 
Ivanka Trump introduced her father by setting the record straight about his treatment of women and minorities in his business. Equal pay for equal work, something Hillary Clinton claims to support but doesn’t practice at the Clinton Foundation. The fact that Trump hires people based on who has the best skills has made the company diverse with regard to race and religion. Unlike MSM’s claims of racism by Trump who has never shown or practised it. Ivanka and others who have known Trump for years told of a man who is nothing like the way Democrats, Globalists or their propagandist MSM would like you to believe. 
Trump is in fact a blue collar type of guy who listens to everyone and has given to many who are in need. He would rather be on the job site talking to those doing the work looking for better ways to accomplish the tasks at hand, than sit in an office secluded from what is really going on.  He is driven to be fair and honest by a mother who led by example. The work ethic that has built his multi billion dollar empire came from his father and Trump has passed these things down to his children. Now he wishes to pass these things down to all Americans. A coming together of all to achieve the American dream that has been taken by corrupt politicians and corporations who have no feelings or care for others. 
As Trump said “I know the system better than anyone” in his speech, this was the truth as he admits using the system and being around those who control it. He sees how broken, corrupt and unfair it is. He will fix it as he understands that everyone gains by things being done fairly and eliminating corruption. This is why those of the globalist mindset fear him so much. He knows who they are and who their puppets are. Trump threatens to cut the strings of the puppet masters and empowering the people and knows where to start.
Despite the Globalist trying to spin their lies and deceit and trying to make Trump out to being a racist, bigot, sexist and other things he is not. Those they finance such as BLM, RevCom, Hillary Clinton and others have shown their hate and lies to be just that. Who burns flags, destroys freedoms, causes chaos, and who are the real enemies of Americans? 
Build the wall, renegotiate the trade deals like NAFTA, reinvest in America, keep our Constitution as is, eliminate corruption, lower taxes, lower wasteful  government spending, build a strong military, take care of our veterans, allow parents to decide educational choices for their children, reassess our international relationships just allow us to return to the core values of what America was meant to be. Lead by example, lead by strength and lead from the front. Let’s be free, independent and fulfill our dreams. 
Your choice America, or you can continue to eliminate our constitutional guaranteed rights, become a socialist state, have no borders, have endless war, be censored, have unelected corporate heads control you, allow corruption to go unchallenged, be continuously lied to, have your children belong to the state, continue the ever increasing financial debt that enslaves you, work harder for less pay and just plain give control of every aspect of your lives over to the Globalists that want to destroy you and eliminate even your ability to think or dream. 


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