Hillary Clinton Picks Moderate Kaine, Another Blow To Progressives 

Hillary Clinton is following the Clinton election playbook to the letter by choosing someone from the center of the political spectrum. She has pretty much turned her back on Sanders supporters as she heads to the convention in Philadelphia. Freshman Senator Tim Kaine from Virginia who graduated from Harvard Law will satisfy the traditionalist in the democratic party. So we gear up for the 2016 election with the Democrats headed up by two moderates and the Republicans  having the Anti-Establishment Trump and  Christian Conservative Pence. 
Many Democrat’s feel Hillary’s choice may have doomed her election bid as she is leaving the progressives and far left out of the mix. She is ignoring the huge turnout of support that Sanders brought to the primaries. Its business as usual for Clinton as she shows her unwillingness to unite her party and follow the wishes of the people. A study from Stanford recently showed that the Democratic primary had massive voter fraud that favored Clinton. In states that use electronic voting machines with no paper trail she won by large margins that didn’t match exit polling at all. And with the super delegates already hers before the primary votes were even cast it was a fixed system that assured her victory. 
Clinton also surprised many by not choosing a Latino, Black or female to join the ticket. She went to the center as has been the traditional move. By keeping with this tradition having Harvard or Yale Law graduates Clinton keeps the status quo and signals that she will continue the failed policies of the Ultra Elite. 
The Democratic National Convention has announced that families of those killed by police will speak, however the families of police officers who have been killed in the line of duty will not. Another clear sign that Clinton will continue to stoke the fires of racial division and is a slap in the face to police officers throughout the country. There will also be illegal immigrants represented to make the claim that open borders and entering the United States illegally is acceptable. 
The DNC will be a showcase of the Globalist agenda and should be viewed with caution and skepticism as honesty is not a trait that Clinton is known for. The propagandist mainstream media will be out in full force spinning the webs of deception for the Globalists One World Government puppet masters whose choice is clearly Hillary Clinton. The Bankers and Wall Street money will flow heavily as well as the foreign dollars pouring into the Clinton Foundation. 
The major question at hand is, will Sanders supporters just roll over as he did and follow Clinton? Or will they wake up and realize that Clinton is the establishment?  She and husband Bill have a history of lying outright to the American people. He was once a lawyer too, key is once here, he accepted a plea deal to be disbarred and lost his licence to ever practice law again because of lying, in exchange for not being impeached and removed from the presidency. Many Americans lack long term memories or knowledge of history and the Clinton’s rely heavily on this. 
Hillary cheated Sanders at the polls, she risked government secrets via email, she co-created the foreign policy that has terrorism exploding worldwide, she claims to be against Wall Street yet takes millions in donations and speaking engagements from them. Will woman wake up and realize that Hillary supports and accepts millions from foreign governments that belittle women and abuse children? Will the families of those killed in Benghazi be allowed to be heard? Will the American voter allow the Clinton’s and the Globalist to finish the job of destroying the Republic and therefore accept losing all rights?



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