While Obama Denies Crime and Illegal Immigration Problem, Possible Terror Attack In Germany Again

While sitting in a local eatery waiting for my take out order I was watching CNN without the sound on as they played parts of Obama’s news conference to counter Trumps acceptance speech. The essence of what Obama was saying was typed in the trailer below. “Violent crime rate lower than Regan years” popped up. Okay, don’t remember so many being shot and killed in Chicago, Orlando etc. back then. “Then why is Obama so wanting to take our gun rights away?” If violent crime is at such a low rate compared to the 80’s what’s the point? 
Then I saw “illegal immigrants not as much of a problem as in the past.” Really? Seems that a lot more people are having issues than before. And I need to ask how Obama comes to that conclusion? The borders are basically wide open. And he is flying in undocumented “refugees” from the Middle East. Then Breaking News from Germany interrupted, “One dead, Ten injured in shooting at a mall.” Well, seems like Germany and France have been having issues with illegal undocumented immigrants. Both Hollande of France and Merkel of Germany are like Obama. They lie and deny the problems away. 
Don’t say it, don’t say Radical Islamic Terrorist or in the United States don’t mention the crime rate caused by those coming freely over our southern border. If you do you’re racist and censored. You are not allowed to speak the truth anymore. Even saying “All Lives Matter” is considered racist. How stupid have we become? We have a President who does nothing but lie about everything and promotes that men who feel like a women today should be allowed to use the same restroom and locker room as your daughters, sisters, wives or grandmothers. I guess if you feel like a nut be one. After all we all wished we were once Oscar Meyer Wieners didn’t we? 
I’m just astounded how crazy this country and world has become. Terrorist who want to kill you are allowed to openly use social media. People who claim people are racist get a free pass but those who call them out for being wrong are censored or have their accounts closed. The word Trump written in chalk causes a mental health emergency at several universities. Yes universities,  the place where our intelligent youth go for higher education. These kids demand safe zones because its just too stressful to deal with reality. 
How did this happen so quickly? We have become a nation of complete idiots as we just say “Okay, nothin’ you can do about it.” This society has followed along just like sheep. The end of western values and the end of freedom is so close at hand. If the news says it is so we fall for the propaganda. How, I must ask, how could anyone vote for Hillary Clinton? Tell me one good thing she has ever done for anyone but herself. And Obama, please explain using only the truth how he has done anything positive here or overseas. 
I am praying to God you know the one who doesn’t demand you kill everyone. The one who teaches us that you must love each other and forgive as he does. The one who sent us Jesus Christ to pay for our sins, the one Satan offered the world to if he’d disavow the true God. Think you all need to look hard at what’s happening and realize who is behind all of this. We were told this would happen and yet we are failing ourselves and him. A true God would never tell anyone to take another’s life. A true God would never condone such behaviors. Let us not forget that Satan would appear as God and would make us believe he is God. He believes he is God. You have a free will use it wisely. 
There are things being kept from you that confirms many truths by those who follow evil. They sold their souls in the belief that there is nothing after your time on earth. These are some of the men and women of great power and wealth who you think are speaking truths. There are many reasons why they fear Donald Trump and one is that they fear he will find the lies and expose them for who they are. Seek the answers in your soul and learn the truth and figure out the lies.  
Update: 9 dead in Munich Germany, first reports were of three gunmen now German security forces claim lone gunman killed. Still no word if terrorist attack. Germany has denied many crimes committed by Islamic migrants so the world waits for who they claim attacked and killed innocent people and children.


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