Clinton Cash, The Fraud Lies and Corruption Exposed

I must beg of you to either read this book or watch the documentary before you even think of voting for Hillary Clinton. Clinton Cash originally a New York Times Bestselling Book is now available as a documentary and can be seen for free online at or on YouTube. Author Peter Schweizer shows the connections of how the Clinton’s have used their political positions to enrich themselves, family members and friends. 
You think the Clinton’s are concerned with Climate Change, the environment, women’s issues or human rights? Better look again as Schweizer connects the dots and shows how speaking fees or donations to the Clinton Foundation or Hillary’s political campaign can buy you whatever you want. The Clinton’s are all fraud and the Clinton Foundation is the smoking gun that should bring down the most corrupt American political duo ever known in history.
I am sure some who believe the Clinton’s as if they are these honest poor politicians who only want to help Americans will call these documented truths a lie. “A Right Wing Conspiracy” is what the Clinton’s always claim. After all the years of scandals that somehow they escape from, this has to be enough proof to wake up those Clinton followers who just seem to be in denial or unable to recognize the truth.
Just like the emails, its right in front of you. The crime the fraud and the lies. How can you not see them after reading or watching Clinton Cash is beyond me. I highly recommend this book and documentary and think it contains enough proof to sway anyone with enough intelligence to think for themselves. It is all documented so nobody can deny the truth any more. There was no delete button this time.


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