Clinton’s DNC Starts in Philly Amid Turmoil in Party and Around the World

As the Democrats claimed that the Republican National Convention was focused on fear, they promised nothing but laughter and good times at their own. How they will pull this off will be a mystery as the Obama/Clinton legacy erupts all around the world and within the Democratic Party.
Debbie Wasserman Schultz will resign after the convention and not attend due to emails that surfaced from WikiLeaks. Others may follow as touchy statements about religion came into play concerning Bernie Sanders. Corruption within the primary was revealed as the party leadership were manipulating the process to ensure a Clinton victory. The Democrats are claiming it was Russian agent hackers in an attempt to distract voters from their own misdeeds. 
Another 12 people were injured in Ansbach Germany when a Syrian migrant blew himself up while carrying a bomb in his rucksack near a music festival. This comes on the heals of the 9 dead and 10 wounded days before by an Iranian born man in Munich. 
Then again in Iraq another suicide attack kills 21 and injures 32 in khalis. More are possibly injured and killed as this is just being reported. This follows the 15 killed in Baghdad the day before. These are all ISIS connected as they are increasing their terror attacks world wide. Its called “Radical Islamic Terrorism” and yet the Democrats want you to believe it doesn’t exist. 
The Russian Air force bombed the small Syrian village of Al Tanf recently, close to the Jordanian and Iraqi borders. The Russians were hitting ISIS targets yet American and British special forces got caught up in the bombing. The claim is that the American and British have a training base there for their moderate rebels. The question is why and how could we have a training base in the middle of ISIS held territory? And let’s not forget that it was US backed rebels who chopped the head off of a ten year old boy recently. Suspiciously the Russian bombing went without response as 2+2 are not adding up to 4 here. Who are we really training?
In Turkey NATO partner and ally President Erdagon has his people under Martial Law and issued 42 more arrest warrants for Journalist. Thousands from the military, judiciary and police have already been jailed as Erdagon tightens his control after the supposed Coup. No American response here either. Erdagon is known to want to create an Islamic state and despite his claim of wanting to keep Turkey a democracy his actions say otherwise. 
And this just breaking from Ft. Meyers Florida, two dead and 17 wounded after shooting, 3 people have been detained and police are searching for other possible suspects. 
I guess that the Democrats think all of this is just normal, “nothing to see here, move along everything is just fine.” Will the democrats still act as if nothing is wrong? People must ask themselves if they want leadership that looks the other way when things are bad? What kind of a world has Obama and Clinton created where violence and destruction is everywhere? Will they still claim Donald Trump is dangerous because he wants to fix the mess we are all in? While the ones who helped create this mess laugh and joke and deny any responsibility. 
Unemployment and underemployment is real, Radical Islamic terrorism is real. Our economy and the worlds is on the brink of collapse, Deutsche Bank the largest in Germany just closed 200 branches and is close to folding. Obama Care has caused a crisis within the insurance industry costing everyone inflated healthcare costs. The US is 19 trillion in debt and unless we change things drastically we are headed for implosion. Do not fall for the lies and deceptions from the Establishment and their false claims. “Houston! We have a problem.” 


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