Can Bernie’s Revolution Continue Without Him?

Bernie Sanders the long time Independent turned Socialist Democrat may have jumped ship but those that believed in him vow to continue the Revolution. Many were shocked when Bernie went all in with the Establishment when he endorsed the only candidate left in the presidential election that is firmly connected to everything Bernie claims to be against. Hillary Rodham Clinton IS the Establishment as she and husband on paper only Bill Clinton control the Democratic Party. The corruption that is Washington DC is how the Clinton’s run their lives, foundation and political careers. Anything and everything is for sale and the Clinton’s don’t care who gets hurt in the process. Power is the drug that feeds them as they both have had careers full of scandal after scandal.
Bernie Sanders has sold out to the very people who outright stole his presidential aspirations for nothing in return. He told his supporters that by getting some wording on the Democratic Platform they had made headway. This was an outright lie and Sanders of all people knows this. After November the 8th that Platform will no longer be heard from again. If Hillary wins the election it will be business as usual in DC. 
The TPP will become reality, there will be no tuition free universities, ObamaCare will remain as is. The constitution will continue to be mauled and ignored as the 1st and 2nd Amendments will become part of the past. Wall Streeters will continue to get richer as the middle class dies off. Taxes will soar for working families. If the minimum wage goes to $15.00 an hour unemployment will rise and prices for everything will climb. Small businesses will disappear completely as they won’t be able to compete. Manufacturing will be MIA as they will have to flee to more profitable ground. Poverty will be the norm as taxes and prices will further deplete the spendable income of those who will have to work two and three jobs if they can even find them just to find 40 hours a week. 
The Democrats want you to believe in a system that is broken and want you to rely on the corrupt individuals that broke it, to fix it. How do they propose to fix it? By going further into debt and spending your money on it just as they have been doing. If you continue to do the same things and expect different results its called insanity. 
Unfortunately for Bernie supporters their dreams of a Socialist Utopia died when their leader Bernie Sanders endorsed Hillary. He exposed himself as a false prophet. His ideas were good in theory but have failed miserably throughout history. A quick look at Venezuela is all you need to see. You’ve misled people Bernie you are and have always been a part of the establishment you claimed to be against. Selling out your Revolution for nothing more than words and promises from known liars has proven that.


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