Day One Of DNC Reveals Broken Democratic Party, Troubled Water

As expected the Democratic National Convention had protests inside and outside as Sanders supporters showed their disdain for Hillary Clinton and the Party she controls. This day one, of what was touted as a convention of unity was anything but. Sanders supporters disrupted every speaker until Bernie spoke. Sanders received a 6 minute ovation before he spoke. Many were seen crying as they listened to him lie about Hillary Clinton’s record and his wishful thinking that the platform he helped construct would even become reality. Most know that convention devised platforms are rarely followed. 
The Godfather of the Clinton Machine former President Bill Clinton sat and watched as Paul Simon sang terribly as age has definitely caught up with him. Sarah Silverman told Bernie supporters they were “being ridiculous”, Michelle Obama’s voice seemed shaky as she invoked slavery into her speech. Joseph Kennedy III the grandson of Bobby Kennedy who fought the establishment and was assassinated for it as was  Joe’s great uncle President John F. Kennedy, was brought out to introduce Elizabeth Warren, who admitted that the system is broken, yet lied about Republican nominee Donald Trumps policies and statements in her speech.
The emails that have given 100% proof that the Clinton controlled Democratic Party is corrupt and worked feverishly to assure Hillary the nomination by any means possible. May have caused Debbie Wasserman Schultz her position as Party Chairwoman however, Clinton has given her a position with her campaign. And the question remains, what about the others involved? The emails also provided more evidence about the control the party has that extends into the mainstream media. Politico has admitted that their story’s are cleared through the Clinton campaign even before their own editors see them. These emails are only just the tip of the Iceberg as more are said to be following from WikiLeaks. 
The scene outside was full of anti-Hillary protesters that fought the heat and eventually a weather system that forced many off the streets. They were able to hold a mock funereal, once dark fell by carrying a casket representing the Democratic Party placing it on top of the 8 foot fence surrounding the Convention. 
What was witnessed is that the Globalist may still control the Democratic Party apparatus and mainstream media, but is losing in the war for the people. Most speakers sounded only halfhearted and unconvinced themselves as to what they were saying. There were constant interruptions from Sanders supporters and Bernie himself seems to have bitten fully into the establishment control pill. As Paul Simon so badly sang “A bridge over troubled water” you had to wonder if the bridge was about to collapse into the troubled water of the DNC.


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